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3D Studio Max Training

3D Studio Max Training

Introduction to 3D Studio Max Course:

It is an awesome piece of software which consists of 3D modeling design, realistic animation, & renders of 3D models.

The 3d studio max was developed and produced by Autodesk Media & Entertainment, The Autodesk 3ds Max is an software for rendering 3D animation, models & imagery. This was originally called 3D Studio .It later was adopted for Windows NT with 3D Studio DOS release 4 & was subsequently renamed 3D Studio MAX. The 3ds Max offers much functionality targeted towards ease of use and faster image & animation rendition. Register for 3D Studio Max Training to explore more.

The 3D Studio Max is used in the field of engineering / scientific / medical / manufacturing / educational sectors to graphically & visually show processes that are organic, medical, corporate or mechanical in the nature.

Prerequisites of 3D Studio Max Training:

  • All the SSLC, intermediate, ITI, ITC, VHSS,
  • All the graduates, diploma, b-tech fresher can opt this course.

3D Studio Max Online Training Course Content

  • User Interface
  • Viewpoints
  • Command Panel
  • UI Elements
Files and Objects
  • File Manipulation
  • Simple Geometry Creation and Pivot Points
  • Object Orientation
  • Modifying ,Organizing & selecting the Standard Objects
  • Transform – Tools & Base Points
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Align – 3D Studio Max Training
  • Cloning Objects
Applying Modifiers
  • Modifier Stack concepts
  • About Modifiers
  • Noise
  • Collapsing the Stack
Low-Poly Modeling
  • Objects and Sub-Objects & Their levels
  •  Smoothing Groups- 3D Studio Max Training
  • shape Definitions
  • Shape Creation Functions
  • Editing & adding Splines
  • Segment Editing
  • 3D Studio Max Training-Vertex Editing
  • Using Shape Modifiers
Compound Objects
  • Booleans & proboolean Operations
  • Lofts – 3D Studio Max Training
  • Scatter Tool
Modeling Lab
  • Creating an Underwater Scene as a part of 3D Studio Max Training
Basics concepts of Animation
  • Mechanics of Movement
  • Linking Objects – 3D Studio Max Training
  • Concepts of Schematic View
Character Anim.
  • Biped
  • Skinning the Character
  • Motion Panel-3D Studio Max Training
  • The Mechanics of a Walk Cycle
  • Animation Principles
Animation Lab
  • Planning the Animation
  • Attack of the Pawn
  • Animating and analysis the rook
  • 3D Studio Max Training – The Matrial Editor & types
Using Maps
  • Maps in Material Definitions
  • Map Types-3D Studio Max Training
  • Displacing Maps in Viewpoint
  • Unwrap UVW
  • Render to Texture

The Syllabus For 3D MAX with vray advance course:

System settings and rules of the scene for good work
  • Current software version
  • Tips on choosing the configuration of the computer
  • Setup Units & Units Scale
  • Important settings 3D MAX
  • Proper Import of DWG files – 3D Studio Max Training
  • Use Proxy for complex objects
  • VRay scene converter in use
  • The location of the object in the scene
  • Rules for archival scenes
Effective modeling
  • Scaling and proportion rules
  • Principles of grouping objects
  • Effective and easy work with layers
  • Rules of modeling that serve effective work flow
  • Bans and most common Mistakes of modeling.
  • Key modifiers (Hot Keys) and their use
  • Modeling room in 10 minutes – 3D Studio Max Training
  • Required elements in interior design
  • 20 basic sizes and dimensions that you need to know and comply with
  • Rules for correct furniture modeling
  • Location of objects in the scene
  • 3D Studio Max Training-Design elements
  • Library models description
  • Library of textures description
  • Ways for accelerating your work flow
  • 3D Artists responsibilities
  • Standards of quality for the visualization of interior
  • Placement of decorative objects in the interior space
  • Placement of Environment/Background
  • UVW Mapping – 3D Studio Max Training
  • Materials – all necessary information about it
  • Textures – all necessary information about it
  • Setting the Batch Render: step-by-step instructions
  • Rules for working with files, Preview and final image
Setting of the camera
  • Detailed setup of VRay Physical Camera with all the important parameters
  • General VRay Camera information
  • Standard height of the camera
  • Camera angle selection-3D Studio Max Training
  • All about Color balance and its effective use
  • The principle of ISO settings, linking to the interior
  • Composite Production Camera
  • Usage of VRay light sources inside interior space
  • Different areas of light sources
  • Settings of all VRay kight sources
  • VRay Functions that responsible for the speed and quality of Render
  • Ideal setting Rendering Setup
  • Two different fundamental ways of Rendering with VRay
  • How to optimize and speedup the render
  • The principles of interior lighting
  • Daylight Setup as a part of 3D Studio Max Training
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up daylight
  • Mixed lighting Setup
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up mixed lighting
  • Night and evening Setup
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up night lighting
  • Coverage of the complex space
  • The final work with the materials-3D Studio Max Training
  • More efficient settings for scene optimization
  • Pre-visualization (Preview Settings)
  • The final visualization (Hi-Res Settings)
All the problems of Render and their solutions
  • Methods for detecting and identifying bugs and errors
  • Methods for isolating problematic objects / textures
  • 3D Studio Max Training-Using the curve scene.
Photoshop and post-processing
  • Application usage
  • The most important buttons and actions
  • Brushes color effects
  • Step-by-step example of how to use Photoshop
  • 3D Studio Max Training-Hot Keys
  • Basic rules of balanced composition
  • Methods of artistic integrity of the image
  • Perspective and the volume in 3D scene
  • Detailed breakdown of interior space (by area)
  • Visual image stability
  • 3D Studio Max Training-Rhythm
  • Light
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Sunlight
  • Mixed lighting
  • Coverage of the day / night
  • Cameras-3D Studio Max Training
  • How to balance camera angles
  • Straight vs Curved angles

Features of 3d Studio Max:

Following are the few features listed below, more will come across in detail as a part of 3D Studio Max Training.

  • The 3d Studio Max software has got various unique primitive shapes such as teapots, cones, pyramids & cubes are available which can be used for model development.
  • The 3d Studio Max’s subdivision surface support and also allows for the smoothened surfaces & with the use of tools like Soft Selection.
  • The 3d Studio Max allows the usage of custom lighting , shadows &  highlights can also be burned into the image rendered.

 The main purpose of the 3d studio max is to design building & character models with the 3d views, walk through, animation, & effects. It is also used for both the interior and exterior design.

All in all, The 3d Studio Max is an wonderful tool that gives you a lot of access for creating objects, scenes, animations, that help tell a story or give you concepts for designs. Join for 3d studio max training  at Global Online Trainings and take a very brief look at the things that you can do in 3ds Max.