A+ Core Hardware Training

A+ core hardware-online training

A+ Core Hardware Training Introduction:

A+ Core Hardware Online Training Course Content

Computers Introduction
  • A Brief History of Computers Desktop Computer System Components & Their Functions Software & Firmware Numbering Systems.
Setting Up A Personal Computer
  • Installation of Video Output Devices
  • Installation of PS/2 Devices
  • Installation of Parallel Devices
  • Installation of Serial Devices
  • Installation of Game & Sound Devices
  • Installation of USB Devices
  • Installation of FireWire Devices
  • Connect Wireless Devices
Installing or Removing Internal Hardware
  • Establish an ESD-free Work Area
  • Installing or Removing Adapter Cards
  • Installing a Network Adapter & Cable
  • Installing or Removing IDE Drives
  • Installing or Removing Internal SCSI Drives
  • Install External SCSI Devices
  • RAID
Upgrade the System Components
  • Add Memory
  • Upgrade the CPU
  • Add a CPU
  • Upgrading the System BIOS
  • Upgrading the Power Supply
  • Upgrading the System Board
  • Decide When to Upgrade
Supporting Portable Computing Devices
  • Connecting External Peripherals to a Portable Computer
  • Installing or Removing nstall or Remove Portable Computing Device Drives
  • Installing or Removing PCMCIA Cards
  • Installing or Removing Mini-PCI Cards
  • Installing or Adding Memory to a Portable Computing Device
  • Connecting PDAs to Computers
Performing Preventative Maintenance
  • Hard Disk Maintenance
  • Performing the Printer Maintenance
  • Use a UPS
  • Clean Peripheral Components
  • Clean Internal System Components
  • Computer Equipment Dispose
Troubleshooting Device Problems
  • Correcting Monitor Problems
  • Correcting Input Device Problems
  • Correcting Adapter Card & PC Card Problems
  • Correcting Hard Drive Problems
  • Correcting Internal Removable Media Drive Problems
  • Correcting CD or DVD Drive Problems
  • Correcting Printer Problems
Troubleshooting System Problems
  • Correcting Network Connection Problems
  • Correcting Modem Problems
  • Correcting Power Problems
  • Correcting Boot Problems
  • Correcting Memory Problems
  • Correcting System Board Problems
  • Correcting Portable System Problems
  • Diagnose System Problems