Acrobat Training

Acrobat training

Acrobat  Training Introduction:

Acrobat is a family of the computer programs developed by the Adobe Systems, designed to the view, create, manipulate & manage files in the Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF). Some of software in the family is commercial, and the some is freeware. Adobe Reader is an available as a no-charge download from the Adobe’s web site, and allows an viewing and the printing of  the PDF files. Acrobat and Reader are widely used as the way to present information with the a fixed layout similar to an paper publication. Global Online Trainings providing Acrobat training by experts, for more information about these course call our help desk today

Adobe Acrobat Online Course Content

1.PDF Document Accessing
  • Open a PDF Document  
  • Explore the Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Interface  
  • Browse Through a PDF Document
2.Creation of PDF Documents
  • Creating PDF Document Using Microsoft Applications  
  • Creating PDF Document Using the Print Command  
  • Creating PDF Document from Web Pages  
  • Creating PDF Document Using Email Applications  
  • Creating PDF Document Using Acrobat
3.Navigating to Specific Content in a PDF
  • Document  
  • Conduct a Simple Search  
  • Use Bookmarks  
  • Work with Links  
  • Define Articles
4.Modification of PDF Documents
  • Manipulate PDF Document Pages  
  • Edit Content in a PDF Document  
  • Add Page Elements  
  • Extract the Content from a PDF Document
5.Working with Multiple PDF Documents
  • Organize the PDF Documents into a Collection  
  • Redact PDF Documents  
  • Search Multiple PDF Documents
  • Reviewing a PDF Document  
6.Initiating Review
  • Review a PDF Document  
  • Compare PDF Documents
7.Validation of PDF Document
  • Sign a PDF Document Digitally  
  • Verify a Digital ID

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