Action Script

Action script training

 Introduction Action script Training Course:

ActionScript is an scripting language in Flash, which is used to create immersive & significant applications for the audience. Develop high impact, remarkable, &  interactive content for the new generation medium of communication i.e. web, mobiles, &  televisions.

It is an programming language, developed by Macromedia Inc.  Basically used for websites & applications based on Adobe Flash Player &  Adobe AIR run-time environments. Compliant to ECMAScript, syntactically similar to that of JavaScript. Since ActionScript 3.0 is fundamentally & architecturally different from AS 2.0, it provides many new features that increase performance & control over the  low-level objects. The Mobiles, desktops, smart phones, tablets, televisions, laptops, & the  digital pads are few major developments which have been done with the use of ActionScript 3.0. You can find excessive use of Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0 Training.

Action Script Online Training Course Content

working with Events and Functions
  • Working with Event-handling Functions
  • Using Code Snippets to Create Navigation
  • Create Event Listeners
Creating Animation with ActionScript
  • Controlling Movie Clip Properties with ActionScript
  • Creating Animation Using ActionScript Tweens
Creating ActionScript in External Files
  • Creating Instances of a Class File in Flash
Using ActionScript and Components to Load Content
  • Creating a List Component Instance and Setting Its Parameters
  • Adding an Instance of the UILoader Component
  • Adding a CHANGE Event Listener to the List Component
  • Loading SWF Files into a UILoader Component
  • Creating the Gallery File
  • Adding a Scroll Bar to the Text Field
Creating Preloaders in ActionScript 3.0
  • Tools in the Testing Environment
  • Creating a Text Field and Progress Bar to Track Loading
  • Inserting ActionScript to Track Progress of the UILoader Component
  • Controlling the Frames of a Movie Clip to Reflect Loading Progress
Using Arrays and Loopers in ActionScript 3.0
  • Adding MovieClip Instances to the Stage from the Flash Library
  • Adding the Initial Variables
  • Generating Multiple Instances with a for Loop
  • Generating Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • Creating the Game Play in an ENTER_FRAME Listener
  • Using hitTestObject() to Check for Collisions
Creating and Formatting Text with ActionScript
  • Creating a TLF Text Field with ActionScript
  • Loading an External Text File with ActionScript
  • Using the TextFormat Class
  • Giving the User a Custom Panel to Format Text
  • Creating a Scroll Bar Using ActionScript
Controlling Sound with ActionScript
  • Adding Slides to the Project
  • The Sound, SoundChannel, and SoundTransform Classes
  • Setting the Song Titles Using a for Loop
  • Making the Sliders Invisible until Needed
  • Programming the Buttons to Select Songs
  • Controlling the Visibility of the Volume and Pan Controls
  • Adding a Listener for the ID3 Tags of an MP3 File
Using ActionScript and Components to Control Video
  • Adding the FLVPlayback Component
  • Setting FLVPlayback Properties in Flash
  • Adding ActionScript Control of FLVPlayback Properties
  • Working with Color
  • Using Cue Points with Flash Video
  • Adding the FLVPlayback Captioning Component
  • Playing Multiple Video files from an XML Playlist
  • Using the Full-screen Publishing Settings