Actuate BIRT Training

Actuate BIRT Training

Actuate BIRT Training Introduction:

Actuate BIRT Training at Global Online Trainings– This Actuate BIRT Training is provided with many important concepts and also advanced features in Actuate. Actuate BIRT will be helpful in providing solutions to many business organizations. It is useful in securing the bulk amount of data regarding any Organizations. You will also learn about automated conversion of Actuate BIRT reports to an Oracle BI publisher report during the Actuate BIRT Training course. Global Online Trainings provides best Actuate BIRT Online Training by well experienced Trainers.

Actuate helps the organizations in providing the secure data and managing it with privacy. We provide both Actuate BIRT Online Training and also Corporate Training for the individuals at their flexible timings with reasonable price. Contact our help desk to know more about Actuate BIRT Online Course.

Mode of Training: Actuate BIRT Online training/Actuate BIRT corporate training/Actuate BIRT Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best Actuate BIRT online training.

Course Fee: please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Prerequisites for Actuate BIRT Training:

To learn Actuate BIRT Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must have basic knowledge on,

  • Pentaho BI Reporting
  • Pentaho
  • PL / SQL
  • Maximo
  • BIRT

Actuate BIRT Online Training Course Content

Actuate BIRT Online Training Course Content

Overview of Actuate BIRT Training:

Global Online Trainings offers best Actuate BIRT Training with many concepts by experts. Let us discuss about the basic concepts now. And the in depth knowledge is provided during the regular sessions of Actuate BIRT Online Training.

For a marketer- In order to deal with data from your website- campaigns and social media with metrics, goal conversions with analysis, data from email marketing Campaigns. Then it provides you an assurance that you and your company will be interested. In BIRT analytics, smart segmentation, detect cross sell and up sell opportunities, Offer management, forecasting, sentiment analysis, loyalty and customer experience management and much more. BIRT analytics, customer analytics are all in one and also in the cloud.       

  • Information powered organizations have always struggled to provide analytics from multiple sources to large numbers of consumers in a self-service fashion.
  • Today’s customer information is inflexible and misses the mark. But, transforming it into personal analytics poses many challenges.
  • Data survive everywhere creating integration and security issues. Users are everywhere; reaching them creates scaling, accessibility and self-service problems.
  • Business and Technology requirements changing every day big data, cloud and mobile delivery are at the forefront.
  • Actuate is the solution for Organizations to harness this data for millions of users in a secure flexible and highly personalized experience. Actuate is the sponsor of Eclipse BIRT.
  • It is the open source tool used by many number of developers worldwide.
  • Only Actuate seamlessly turns data from any source into self-service analytics for consumers that are interactive, secure highly personalized and easy to use for all users inside and outside the firewall.
  • Some of the largest companies around the world rely on actuate to deliver huge volumes of interactive data to millions of their customers.
  • The challenge in creating customer, facing applications such as online financial management site is consolidating and summarizing vast amounts of client information from multiple systems and presenting it securely in an easy to understand manner to millions of online consumers.
  • Many Organizations would attempt to tackle these issues of scale, Personalization, Integration, interactivity and ease of use with a large custom IT development project.
  • It may take years to complete because traditional BI and analytics products are typically overwhelmed by such demanding requirements.Overview of Actuate BIRT Training
Uses of Actuate can be learned during Actuate BIRT Training:

With the use of Actuate, the solution is fast and easy. For example, the dashboard actually includes a variety of visualizations, filters and built-in navigation providing an at-a-glance understanding of personal.

  • Spending the user experience can be completely personalized and the average consumer does not need training to customize their view of information.
  • End-users can evaluate their accounts in a variety of ways even when the data exists in different sources review months of history all on one screen or zero in on monthly statements that are inherently interactive allowing the user to see the information and new and meaningful ways.
  • Generally, dashboards are personalized by the individual users, simply drag-and-drop a variety of visual gadgets from a gallery on to the page and whatever orientation they wish.
  • The gadgets will recognize the user and automatically display only that users data enforcing security without sacrificing flexibility.
  • Custom dashboard gadgets supported by the Google gadget standard framework, also it can be easily added to the canvas. Here the user adds a currency converter from the Internet.
  • All the Actuate content regardless of how it is delivered is inherently interactive allowing the user to adjust it for their own needs.
  • The user can move columns and new data. And even change how the data represented on the page. With Actuate the user decides how they consume their content and how it should appear and behave.
  • IBM Maximo Training also provides you the knowledge regarding Asset management, work management etc., It is also related to Actuate BIRT Training.
  • Knowing IBM Maximo Training will be helpful to learn about the basics in Actuate BIRT Training. We also provide IBM Maximo Training by experienced Trainers at Global Online Trainings.
How Actuate BIRT Training is helpful in Healthcare?

Now-a-days, Healthcare providers are facing the attack of Big Data head on due to many factors such as federal effort towards national Electronic Health Records, widespread adoption of new devices implements mobile applications, and pressure to become evidence-based and predictive with healthcare services.

  • Many healthcare Organizations leverage actually to collect, organize, analyze and share this data, allowing them to improve decision-making from the back office to in patient care.
  • BIRT Analytics provides advanced visual analysis of patient data for the position or clinician not just the Data Scientist- Actuate BIRT Training
  • It is ideally suited for healthcare analytics such as read mission risk or excessive length of stay. It allows the healthcare professional to segment data on the file, create patient profiles and make predictions of future performance or likely out comes.
  • All in real time against billions of records. BIRT Analytics enable easy link that stay analysis allowing the healthcare professional to quickly identify patients who stay more than the average length of stay or any given diagnosis in the hospital.
  • Later visually segment patients and then identify patterns of behavior that define them. Then easily forecast the future number of discharges for these types of patients to plan for and control occupancy- Actuate BIRT Training.
  • By visually analyzing link that stay data across large patient populations.
  • The healthcare provider can identify precursors to excessive and then take steps to reduce the occurrence in impact improving overall quality of care- Actuate BIRT Training.

This is just a sample example about Actuate BIRT Analytics. The detailed information is provided during the Actuate BIRT Training.

About BIRT Dashboards and Reports can be explained during Actuate BIRT Training:

The BIRT hub visualization platform provides dashboards, maps and interactive information that can be fast and purely included to any network or mobile application by the use of a rich set of integration api’s. The dashboards will be made up of animated HTML, BIRT visualizations called gadgets.

These can be contextually filtered on the file using selectors enabling the user to see the information from a variety of different perspectives. All dashboards will provide a drill down to detailed BIRT reports allowing you to follow interesting leads and uncover the root cause of problems or successes.

Learn about BIRT reports in Actuate BIRT Training:
  • BIRT reports are inherently interactive allowing the user to do things such as sort data, move or delete columns which define grouping, add filters, input custom calculations and save and share their modified content with other users.
  • The BIRT JavaScript API allows web developers to quickly and securely embed visualization reports and dashboards to any web applications- Actuate BIRT Training.
  • Java script API code is automatically created for you by the BIRT Viewer. You need to just copy and paste the code into your application.
  • Embedded BIRT content is so seamless, your users may not have idea on that but they were using BIRT.
  • To easily create and embed data visualizations to your web or mobile application, the obvious choice is Actuate BIRT- Actuate BIRT Training.
How Tableau is useful for Actuate BIRT Training:

In order to learn about Actuate BIRT Training, it is better to have knowledge on BIRT, Tableau and Actuate Training. Tableau is a powerful software tool that is mainly useful in business intelligence. So, learning Actuate and also Tableau Training will help you to learn the new concepts regarding Actuate BIRT Training. Join Tableau Training at Global Online Trainings by best Trainers.

REPORT CREATION in Actuate BIRT – Actuate BIRT Training

In order to create a report in Actuate BIRT, we need an Actuate BIRT project. Then simply use go file new actuate project. Give it a name and then add to it 1 or more reports. Then you can choose a template.

  • Let us use a blank page. In next step let us define some data. Then go to data explorer and right click on data sources, new data source.
  • Utilize some sample data that has been installed with the installation leaving the name as data source. It already knows the location of the database.
  • In the next step, we define a data set using the data source. For that, we need to choose the table out of classic models.
  • We use products and at present let us choose product line, product name, quantity in stock by price and MSRP in the data set editor.
  • We can add computed columns, parameters, filters and other settings. We can also preview that data to make sure we have grabbed the right fields.
  • We have a data set that can work with. To create a simple listing report, all we need to do is drag that data set on to the report and it automatically builds a table.
  • To give this process, go to our Palette. For this, we need to drag a grid onto the blank page. Just do one column with it.
  • Let’s consider 5 rows. So that we can grab the table and drag that into the grid and what the grid is a placeholder- a way to have cells and rows on the page to allow you to organize the content. Let us add some formatting to our table.
  • For this, first we need to group by products and will delete the detail row field for product line. Let us make it bold, let us also throw in an aggregation.
  • Here we will call it product count that will be an integer. We need to do count of our product names. It will be easy to understand if we make them as bold.
  • Later in the next step- give some is formatting to our numbers. So we have quantity in stock that is just a general number given by price and need to hold down the control key and select the MSRP and within the format number under properties.
  • Let us choose currency and use the thousands separator and can go back to general and make those right aligned and we don’t need all this space. So we need to simply drag the columns within the table over and give more rows to our product name.
  • Finally, let’s see what that looks like. As it is looking much better let us put a chart on. Before we add the chart from the palette, we want to make sure that our table is named. Now we can call these products and what that will allow you to do is utilize that table as a data set for that chart.
  • So there we can use the required style. Then click next and there, we can choose our data. We can choose the data from our report item products; which is the table that we need to drag to my X-axis.
  • The product grouping and let us use product count on our Y. Click next, so that we can format here. This is what we want to do with, get a size it to fit the page.
  • Finally let us have a look, the linking that was done was to allow us to utilize interactivity, to modify the table and update the chart as we do that modification.
  • So, there we can sort the product line in the opposite order and if you notice the chart changed, its order will also.
  • Another thing that we can do is to filter the quantity in stock to those that are less than 1000 and notice how my chart updates not just with the scale, but also with the number of columns. Thus the entire process is explained.
  • It will be very clear by watching the entire process on a screen. The detailed information about each option is explained during the Actuate BIRT Training course.
Conclusion of Actuate BIRT Training:

Enroll for Actuate BIRT Training at Global Online Trainings by Industry experts having many years of experience in Online Training programs. Our Trainers are user friendly and will solve your doubts, issues regarding the Actuate BIRT Online Training course.

We also provide you the advanced techniques in Business and technologies that are helpful during the Actuate BIRT Training by industry experts. And also Actuate BIRT Training Certification is provided after the completion of course.


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