actuate training

actuate training

Introduction To Actuate Training:

Actuate Training is the enterprise reporting solution introduced by  the Actuate Corporation in the year 1996. Reports are designed by developers by using the flagship Actuate tools like the e-RD pro & deployed on the server for end users to run and view Actuate features three different kinds of reporting tools which address that issue. The tools have  the intuitive Web-based design & the delivery metaphor, which includes the  grid-table-cell-based sheet that is designed for the simplicity. The product has an drag-n-drop interface, & does not require users to ever input or  to maintain software code by hand, which in-turn save time. Actuate provides software development tools as the collection of APIs which support the developer  to designing new Actuate applications or  by extending or customizing the  existing applications. 

actuate training Course Content

Introduction to Actuate Erd Pro
  • Blanc Report Creation
  • Report with Report Wizard Creation
  • Blanc Report Creation
  • Component Library Role File Creation
  • Bas File Creation
  • Rod File Creation
Working with Component Pellets
  •  Data Pellet
  •  Structure Pellet
  •  Controls Pellet
  •  Drawing/Graphics Pellet
  • Page Pellet
Understanding of Component Editor
  • Properties of Component Editor
  • Start Method
  • Finish Method
  • On read Method
  • Function Obtain Select Statement
  •  Row Method
  •  Make Contents Method
  •  Fetch Method
  •  Introduction of Variables
  •  Introduction to Classes
Adding Parameters to Report Using
  •  Parameter Requestor
  • Obtain Select Statement
  • Textual Query Editor
Ceating Drill down (Hyperlinks) In a Report
  • Before Section
  • Content Section
  • After Section
  • Page Footer Section
Various Forms of Report Creation
  • Cross Tab Report
  • Parallel Section Report
  • Serial Section Report
  • Creating Reports for Graphs Purpose
  • Creating Reports Using Multiple Inputs Filters
  • Creating Reports with Memory Buffers
  • Creating Reports with Page Level Security
  • Creating Reports Using Stored Procedures
  • Creating Reports with Report Bursting
Report Debugging
  • Understanding Of Actuate Encyclopaedia
  • Understanding Of Actuate Volumes
  • Understanding Actuate Management Console
  • Understanding Actuate Active Portal
Administration Of Actuate I Server
  • Scheduling a Report
  • Creating Email Notifications
  • Creating Auto Archive Policies
  • Deleting Rox
  • Deleting Roi Files

Actuate Training Overview:

  • Actuate training is only provider of full server that support for the BIRT which is fast for becoming the most popular open source of BI technology. Thus, Actuate training incorporates all the report types and also many other then powerful capabilities of a latest open-source release (BIRT 2.2),
  • The increases the value of a Actuate Collaborative Reporting of a Architecture by allowing a broader set of the reporting and also deployment requirements, including the smaller projects, to be addressed.
  • Actuate training release also be optimizes ease-of-use and then offers performance improvements, enabling the BI and reporting applications to be developed the faster and deployed by economically to small and large audiences.
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