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ADFS Training

ADFS training

ADFS Training Introduction: 

ADFS training is provided by ‘Global online training’ which is the best online training provider. We are providing the best Microsoft ADFS training with the best trainers. We have to learn the basics of ADFS. Now, let’s have a look at the basics of ADFS. ADFS stands for Active Directory Federation Service. ADFS is nothing but a federated identity management solution. Basically, Microsoft Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) allows us to provide single sign-on for the web application. Without sending the actual credentials, we can also send a claim to the application on the side of active directory. First of all, we have to learn what Active Directory is. Active Directory is nothing but a collection of services. All these services are used for managing identity and access to resources on a network. Microsoft ADFS provides secured identity federation and SSO capabilities as well. SSO stands for Single Sign-on. 

Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services generally helps us to create the trust relationships between the two organizations. For the web applications, it enables the SSO between two distinct directories. Microsoft ADFS also enables the access to the web application between the two companies. This is just a brief introduction of Microsoft ADFS and you can learn more about ADFS in Our Microsoft ADFS online training.

ADFS Online Training Course Content

ADFS training course content

Learn Features of ADFS in Microsoft ADFS online training:

There are so many features available in the Microsoft ADFS. Let’s have a look at the few important features of Active Directory Federation Services.

  • There is an important feature i.e. Workplace Join. Workplace join allows mobile devices as well as Windows devices.
  • In Microsoft ADFS, you can have enhanced access control risk control tools. This is a great feature which is available in the ADFS.
  • Simplified deployment experience feature is also available in the Microsoft ADFS. This actually makes easier to install ADFS than previous one.
  • The Microsoft ADFS is User Interface (UI). This will helps to configure the SQL server. We can also have the group managed service account support. This is very useful to manage all the groups.

These are few important features of the Active Directory Federation Services. You can learn more features in our Microsoft ADFS online training. Global online trainings provides best SAP ADFS training by highly skilled consultants and not only online training we also provide best SAP ADFS job support by virtual job support team.

Learn the components of ADFS in Microsoft ADFS online training:

  • There are several components available in the Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services.
  • The first component of ADFS is Web Application Proxy. It is nothing but a remote access component in place of ADFS role.
  • The Web Application Proxy has similar functionalities when compared with the federation server proxy.
  • This component actually allows some applications to be published for the external access.
  • The next important component of Microsoft Active Directory Federation Service is ADFS web agents.
  • There are two types of web agents. They are claims aware agent and windows token bases agent.

This is just basic information of ADFS components. You can learn all components in our Microsoft ADFS training.

Overview of Microsoft ADFS training:

  • Our Trainers are subject matter experts with 10+ year’s experience.
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  • Candidate can also go on weekends or weekdays session for Microsoft ADFS online training.
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