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Adobe Acrobat Training

Adobe Acrobat Training

Adobe Acrobat Training course content

Topic 1:Create PDF from Microsoft Office
Topic 2:Document repurposing
Topic 3:Acrobat Distiller
Topic 4:Generating PDF from Web pages
Topic 5:Combining PDFs
Topic 6:Layout modes
Topic 7:The Organiser
Topic 8:Navigating
Topic 9:Editing and repurposing
Topic 10:Secure your PDF file
Topic 11:Optimise your PDF file
Topic 13:Adobe PDF Forms generation
Topic 14:Playing Adobe Flash inside Acrobat
Topic 15:Digital Signatures
Topic 16:Stamp customisation
Topic 17:Send for Shared Review
Topic 18:Collaborate Live
Topic 19:Previewing content
Topic 20:PDF/X Standards for Publishing and Print
Topic 21:Configure Adobe Acrobat
Topic 22:Apply trapping
Topic 23:Output Preview
Topic 24:Preflight and fixups
Topic 25:Convert colours
Topic 26:Crop pages
Topic 27:Fixing Hairlines
Topic 28:Flatten Transparency
Topic 29:Accessibility from Microsoft Word
Topic 30:PDF Maker options for reflow
Topic 31:Accessibility checker
Topic 32:Adding and modifying tags / structure
Topic 33:Read-aloud and scrolling inside Acrobat/Reader