adobe aem cq5 Training

Adobe aem cq5 Training Introduction:

Adobe Experience Manager (earlier called as Adobe CQ5). It  is an CMS platform designed to deliver the  personalized digital experiences all across multiple channels such as  the web, mobile, social & many  more. This high-end digital platform allows  the users to design, develop, manage & optimize any number of websites or ages & mobile apps in different languages. The Adobe CQ5/AEM provides different features  & functionalities including  the Web Content Management (WCM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Multi Site Manager (MSM) & many more. Global Online Trainings  offer Adobe AME Training for Courses like Adobe CQ5 Developer, Advanced Developer, System Admin & Content Author. The participants can join the batch as per their need

Adobe aem cq5 Training Course Content

Creating the components to display a customizable page title, logo, breadcrumb & configurable paragraph
  • Creating & adding a Complex component.
  • Adding a Search component.
  • Introducing the internationalization.
  • Creating & registering a CQ custom Widget.
  • Creating & downloading a CQ package for the distribution.
  • Creating & consuming an OSGi bundle.
  • Optimization of the methodology.
  •  Changing default passwords.
Installation process
  • Administration of the servlet engine using CQSE interface.
  • Accessing CRX repository
  • Accessing the Apache Felix Web Management Console
  • Using the CRXDE Lite.
  • Creating Templates, Page components &.the jps scripts.
  • Creating a web site based on the template.
  •  Stand-alone development & debugging
  •  Understanding Apache Sling.
  • Modularizing components & their reuse
  • WCM content management tools – Sidekick.
  • Creating the Designers & using CSS files.
  • Creating the navigation components.
  • Using the CRXDE debugger