Adobe analysis workspace training

Adobe analysis workspace training

Introduction to Adobe analysis workspace training:

Adobe analysis workspace training  at Global online trainings – When you login to analysis workspace it’s simply a list of projects. This list includes projects that you have created as well as projects that others have created and shared to you. Let’s click create new project so we can begin our analysis when you do this you will notice that there are wealth of options creating a blank project or even opening a pre-configured template based on your analysis needs. Let’s go with the content consumption template which helps us answer the question which content is being consumed most and is engaging users on your website or app. Global online trainings is best in providing analysis workspace training  by industry experts with live projects.

Overview of  Adobe analysis workspace training:

  • You will notice that there are templates for both websites as well as for mobile apps. When you first opened the template you will notice how several virtualizations are automatically created for me.
  • At the top we can see a flow diagram that shows how users are passing through my site the page that these visitors entered on, then the next page we can continue to interact with this by adjusting the dimensions that are being analyzed or even right clicking to create segments or trend any of these particular paths along the way.
  • You will see what we call a free-form table. It’s a fully interactive table of key metrics that are associated with the different pages on your site or app in Adobe Analysis workspace Corporate Training in analysis workspace online training . We can then below that reverse the flow diagram that we saw below.
  • Where now we have the ability to identify the last pages that visitors saw before exiting the site and we can go backwards in time to further analyze how users got to those pages before their eventual exit. Beneath that we then rerun that same flow visualization but at a higher level that is focused on site sections in Adobe analytics training. Going forward and then that same freeform table but instead a different dimension site section associated with the same metrics from above.

As you see everything in analysis workspace is drag and drop you can place any dimension, any metric in any segment just about anywhere in the interface which means you can do unlimited breakdowns and comparisons along the way in analysis workspace online training . Plus when you first pickup a component for example you can pickup revenue. You can see how the interface highlights the areas that you can then drop this component within my project to make it a little easier to know where it can go.


Features of Adobe analysis workspace training :                                                              Features of Adobe analysis workspace

  • If you want to add this new metric to free form table you can drag and drop it right here at the top alongside other metrics. You can also change the dimension from site section to the product name. Search for the product name here on the left informing that you will be replacing the dimension with product name.
  • Once you make that change you can see all of the different product names that were driving revenue on my website. You can also see all of the other metrics associated with that new dimension now as well.
  • We have the ability to break down the data as many times as necessary if you want to do so you can take marketing channel for example and you can break down number one product to see which marketing channels are actually driving traffic to that particular product in analysis workspace certification training .
  • In face you can even do this more so you can instead search for the device type that is driving people to click on emails to this particular product in Adobe analysis workspace corporate training. You can see the number one device type is desktop then mobile tablet etc and you can continue going on and on with an unlimited number of ways in which you can break down data.

Now if you want to step back a little bit you can also use some commands shift to shift click multiple rows in order to break down all four of those product names by their marketing channels that were driving those users to the site as well and eventually viewing and ideally purchasing those products as well.


Components of analysis workspace training :

  • If you are curious about the average amount of revenue per visit. You can very easily slide on up to the top and highlight the two metrics revenue and per visit by command clicking or if you on a PC you could ctrl click then you would simply right click and create a metric from my selection that I need to divide. Now you have got a brand new metric associated with revenue on average per visit in analysis workspace certification training .
  • If you want to sort by this particular metric then you can see which of my products are actually driving the top amount of revenue on average based on the number of visitors that are actually accessing those specific product names.

If you want to dig into some segmentation data we can take a look at our IOS data and our Android data and our two segments and highlight both of them in order to drag them underneath our revenue per visits metric. Now you can compare side by side my IOS revenue per visit as well as my android revenue per visit in order to see which is actually more successful in driving revenue per visit across each of the different products and as you all notice analysis workspace remembers that you had previously broken down these couple of specific product names by marketing channels.


Conclusion of Adobe analysis workspace training :

Want to know the best part? You can even see segmented calculated metric broken down by marketing channel and associated with these specific product names. It’s a really powerful way to stay on top of your data. We have got our freeform table what if you want to make a more visually appealing visualization in analysis workspace? Well, perhaps we just want to highlight these two metrics our IOS and android revenue per visit and we want to be able to differentiate them in a bar chart. There are lots of opportunities in the market for analysis workspace training with the exciting packages. So what are you waiting for? Join in Global online trainings is for best analysis workspace training by real time experts.


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