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Adobe Campaign Management Training

Adobe Campaign Management Training


Adobe Campaign provides core campaign management for marketing teams.It is designed to handle both traditional as well as  emerging channels, The Adobe Campaign enables marketers to design & execute single &  cross channel communication strategies, collect &  measure the  automate customer journeys.

Adobe Campaign Management Training provides best in class campaign , offers , &  personalization management capabilities for the intuitive , touch-friendly marketing automation across all channels both digital & traditional. Adobe Campaign addresses key challenges for marketers: Thinking how to build & extend relationship with their customer base to the drive top line revenue growth & ROI, enroll with us for Adobe Campaign Management Training Now!

Adobe Campaign Management Online Training Course Content

Adobe Campaign Data Management training introduction
  • About Data Management
  • Writing efficient queries-Adobe Campaign Management Training
  • Exploring the data model, selecting targeting & filtering dimensions
  • Specifying filtering conditions & editing expressions.
  • Analyzing buyer behavior
  • Preparing data for reporting
Adobe CampaignSchema and Forms Management
  • Working with structured documents
  • Manipulating, specifying & accessing  Adobe Campaign
  • Modeling business data
  • Creating & deploying custom schema
  • Managing forms-Adobe Campaign Management Training
  • Designing input forms
  • Extending the data model
  • Extending the factory schema & input forms
Adobe Campaign Lead Management Optimization
  • Introduction to LMO
  • Capturing leads
  • Sending e-mail deliveries
  • Ranking and routing leads
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Targeting leads for nurturing
  • Nurturing leads-Adobe Campaign Management Training
  • Measuring and analyzing B2B marketing results
  • Learning objectives review, further resources &  feedback
Adobe Campaign Web Applications & Survey
  • Creating a survey
  • Creating a new web application
  • Designing & Delivering a survey
  • Publishing a survey-Adobe Campaign Management Training
  • Using survey responses
  • Viewing survey reports

Overview On Adobe Campaign Management:

Following session provides you basic idea bout the Adobe Campaign, in-depth knowledge will be provided by our expert consultants as a part of Adobe Campaign Management Training.

Adobe Campaign Management is the only conversational marketing technology that truly empowers the organizations to start & sustain one to one customer dialogues. With the first class email & inbound-out-bound channel fusion capabilities, The Adobe Campaign can automate the execution of mobile, social, email & offline campaigns. Driven by the intelligent, decision based engine, the visionary technology enables marketers to achieve the measurable results in record time.

 The Following are the five key topics which adobe campaign can help business turn marketing challenges into revenue opportunities:

  • Simplifying daily tasks such as managing the data, automating processes & monitoring performance.
  • Discovering customers need with an single marketing view of their behavior preferences & activities throughout the multiple channels, explore more by joining Adobe Campaign Management Training.
  • Accelerating marketing processes to achieve better productivity & reach customers in the real time
  • Delighting customers by delivering the superior, relevant & personalized experiences
  • Creating value for both your business & also for your customers.


Key benefits of Adobe Campaign Management:

Listed below are few of the benefits, more you will explore as a part of Adobe Campaign Management Training.

  • It Increase revenue & business performance
  • It build meaningful experiences & improve response rates by using the fine-grained personalization to deliver the right message to the right person via the right channel.
  • It helps to make the most of each customer touch-point with timely & effective re-marketing, cross-sell, &up-sell communications at every step of the customer lifec-ycle.
  • It helps to drive top-line revenues by automating & optimizing marketing campaigns for the exceptional results.
  • Embrace opportunities for the real-time, highly contextual, & personally relevant engagement by sending differentiated & value-focused messages. Join for Adobe Campaign Management Training and learn more.
  • It Improve customer satisfaction & reduce opt-out rates. Transform ongoing positive engagement into long-term retention, loyalty, & advocacy.
  • It Unlock the value of each customer & grow existing customer relationships emotionally & financially, & also invest in profitable clients that bring the greatest value to your business. By optimizing resources & efforts
  • It enable productivity gains with end to end cross-channel campaign management from design & execution to analysis & optimization.
  • It deliver campaigns at scale while containing the cost by streamlining & automating marketing processes, without ever sacrificing relevant content.
  • Leverage the single marketing view of the customer to efficiently personalize communications & get the greatest returns from your marketing efforts.

Key capabilities of Adobe Campaign Management:

  • Plan your campaigns across the extended timeline & effectively manage the plans, activities, budgets, & results in an single environment that can also be extended & localized for the distributed organizations.
  • Design your campaigns from the audience segmentation, offer, & channel selection to message rendering & testing with an graphically rich, touch interface.
  • Join for Adobe Campaign Management Training from Global Online Trainings and learn how to automate your campaigns through the customer journeys based on their interactions & actions. The Adobe Campaign provides powerful ways to automate the data management—data capture, extraction, & loading ,as well as your internal teamwork processes.
  • Measure the campaign success & call on descriptive analytics at any stage of the campaign lifecycle. The comprehensive dashboards are available to manage the several campaigns at a time. Evaluate cost effectiveness & tie back revenue to the individual campaign level.
  • It unify your customer’s profile: It track every activity in an consolidated view, & maintain an institutional memory of every customer. Join now for Adobe Campaign Management Training for more details
  • The Adobe Campaign management integrated customer profiles contain preferences, purchase behavior, loyalty, & value data to target individual customers across programs and cross-sell, up-sell, loyalty, & retention.
  • Tap into the Adobe Marketing Cloud rich view of digital behaviors to produce an un-paralleled master marketing profile that drives the highly personalized marketing.
  • Target very specific audiences in the campaigns with sophisticated list selections & an intuitive touch interface.
  • Use the information from the integrated customer profile such as the consumer interests or channel preferences to define the custom audience segments.
  • Automate & adapt targeting strategies based on changing the consumer preferences & behaviors that builds & sustains customer lifetime value. Cross-channel execution. Explore more by joining Adobe Campaign Management Training now.
  • Take advantage of the Adobe Campaign best in class, high-volume email execution, deliverability, & testing.
  • It optimize email rendering on the multiple devices through the responsive design strategies & templates.
  • It enhance the offline execution—direct mail, call center, & point of sale—alongside digital channels.
  • Reach consumers through personalized mobile & social channels to increase the customer engagement.
  • It utilize an centralized offer catalog & recommendation engine to design real-time interactions that ensure that your customers receive offers in context at all times.
  • Define an easy to use offer eligibility rules, weightings & expressions that leverage real-time information &transaction history.
  • Deliver one to one personalized offers in real-time across in-bound & out-bound channels.
  • Monitor offer performance through reporting & offer simulation that optimizes customer engagement strategies.
  • It leverage visual & easy to use reporting dashboards that allow marketers to manage, test, & manipulate data without the use of data miners or statisticians.
  • Learn how to measure campaign performance & use valuable customer insight to optimize future marketing campaigns by joining Adobe Campaign Management Training.
  • It Identify profitable marketing strategies & link marketing actions to bottom line results & ROI. It is open & flexible deployment. Join for best Adobe Campaign Management Online Training now with us
  • Adobe Campaign is fully integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud, including the single sign-on, unified look & feel, touch & mobile capabilities, as well as shared customer data for the master marketing profile.
  • Adobe Campaign is based on the modern architecture & uses web services for straightforward data & process integration with operational front- and back-end systems.
  • Adobe Campaign is capable of running in the distributed architecture mode to enable redundant key processes & load balancing, depending on business & technical constraints.
  • Adobe Campaign offers the cloud & on-premise deployment, as well as the hybrid model that enables you to out-source the Internet-facing processes, while maintaining the confidential data in-house.

 Key benefits of Adobe Campaign Management Training:

Increased revenue and business performance

  • Build meaningful experience and improve response using fine-grained personalization to deliver the right message to the right person via the right channel.
  • Make the most of each customer touch point with timely and effective re-marketing, cross sell, and upsell communication at every step of the customer lifecycle.
  • Drive top line revenues by automating & optimizing marketing campaigns for exceptional results.

More engaged customers

  • Embrace opportunities for real time, highly contextual, and personally relevant engagement by sending differentiated and value focused messages.
  • Learn how to improving the customer satisfaction and reduce opt-out rates. Transform in-going positive engagement into long term retention, loyalty & advocacy by registering for Adobe Campaign Management Training.
  • Unlock value of each customer. Grow existing customer relationships emotionally and financially, and invest in profitable clients that bring the greatest value to your business.

Optimized resources and efforts

  • Enable the productivity gains with end to end cross channel campaign management from design and execution to analysis and optimization. For more details about Adobe Campaign Management Online Training, contact our helps desk now.
  • While you join Adobe Campaign Management Training you learn how to deliver campaign at scale while containing cost by streaming and automating marketing process, without ever sacrificing relevant content.
  • Leverage a single marking view of the customer to efficiently personalize communications & get greatest from your marketing efforts.