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adobe cq5 developer training

Adobe Cq5 Dev Online Training

Introduction To Adobe CQ5 Developer Training Course:

Adobe CQ5 Developer Training  from Global Online Trainings teaches  the developers the fundamentals of building an custom CQ application, based on templates & components. This includes practice with CQ development techniques such as developing  the templates & authoring environments for mobile sites & websites, dynamic image rendering, navigation & modularization, using both CRXDE Lite & the CRXDE.  In-depth  concepts and lecture presentations & discussions introduce concepts essential to CQ with comprehensive hands on exercises, using CRXDE, reinforce concepts learned during lecture presentations. The aim of this training is to enable developers to create & understand the basic CQ development practices & to prepare themselves for project work under the lead of an senior web developer. 

AEM Introduction
  • CQ5 Platform
  • The CQ5 User Interfaces
  • CQ5 Web Consoles
  • Websites Console
  • Digital Assets Console
  • Tools Console
  • Developer Community
  • Key Principles Underlying the Design and Implementation of CQ5
  • Standards and Open Source
  • Everything is content
  • David’s Content Model
  • Authoring Interface
  • Desktop Integration
  • OSGi and Apache Sling
  • Clustering
  • CQ5 Functional Building Blocks
  • Granite Platform
  • Architecture Stack
  • OSGi Framework
  • OSGi Bundles
  • Additional Information
  • Java Content Repository (JCR)
  • JCR Structure
  • Content Services of the JCR
  • Adobe CRX
  • Built-in Protocols or APIs for the CRX Platform
  • Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • Apache Sling
  • Everything is a Resource
  • Sling Script Resolution
  • Sling & MVC
  • Additional Information
  • CQ5 Application Modules
Installation and Deployment
  • Installing CQ5
  • Install & Start an Author Instance
  • How to install an Author instance
  • Logging into CQ5
  • Authoring in CQ5 WCM
  • Edit a page
  • To Create a new page:
  • CQ5 Deployment
  • Replication
  • Reverse Replication
  • Dispatcher
  • The Administrative Interfaces
  • Interfaces types
  • CQ Welcome Screen Utilities
  • CRXDE Lite
  • The CQ5 Repository Structure
  • Website Content
  • Content Repository Structure Review
  • Browse Related Application/Server Interfaces
Developing CQ5 Web Applications - First Steps
  • The Application or Project in the repository
  • Create an Application/Project
  • Templates
  • Template in the Repository
  • Create a Template
  • Testing your Template
  • Components
  • Create a “Page rendering”Component
  • Pages
  • Create Pages & Web Site Structure
  • Install & Start CRXDE
  • Utilize CRXDE
  • Additional Information
  • Component Context
  • Include the “global.jsp” in the Page Component
  • Using the APIs to Display Basic Page Content
  • Display Basic Page Content
Apache Sling Script Resolution .
  • The Resolution Process
  • Create Multiple Scripts/Renderers for the “Page” Component
  • Sling Post Servlet
Developing CQ5 Web Applications - Next Steps
  • Modularization and Reuse
  • Breakout or Modularize the “Page” Component
  • Initialize the WCM
  • Initialize the WCM
  • Component Hierarchy and Inheritance
  • Extend the Foundation Page Component
  • Adding Additional Structure to the Application
  • Extend the Script Structure of the “Page” component
  • The Design
  • Create and Assign a Design
Component Basics
  • Including components into scripts
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Training web site structure
  • Create a Dynamic Navigation Component
  • Logging Messages
  • Adding log message to the topnav component
  • ExtJs
  • Component Dialogs
  • Create a Title Component
  • Additional Information
  • Extra Credit – Try different x types
  • Extra Credit – Create a List Children Component
  • Design Dialogs
  • HTML5 Smart Image Widget
  • Create a Logo Component
Working with the Foundation Components
  • Include the Breadcrumb Foundation Component
  • Extra Credit – Modify the Foundation Breadcrumb component
  • Extra Credit – Modify your topnav component
  • Paragraph System
  • Sidekick, Components and the Design
  • Include the Foundation Paragraph System Component
  • The Foundation Toolbar and User info components
  • Including the Foundation Timing component
  • Including the Foundation Inherited Paragraph System component
  • Mobile Functionality
  • Mobile Emulators
  • Emulator Groups
  • Emulator Framework
  • Mobile components
  • Create a mobile time component
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Pros and Cons of responsive web design
  • Mobile Web Sites Creation
  • Re-purpose desktop web site content for mobile devices
  • Extra Credit – Create the Training Emulator Component
  • Creating the emulator Client Library Folder
  • Emulator Configuration
  • Create the emulator image library
  • Adding your Mobile Emulator to a Device Group
  • Using Custom Emulator
Various Component Concepts
  • cq: Edit Config
  • cq: include x type
  • Creating a Simple Image Component.
  • Create a Component Dialog Box for our Image component
  • Add the my Image Component to the Sidekick
  • Test your Image component
  • Defining edit Config
  • Complex Components
  • Create a “Complex” Component
  • End User Search
  • Create a Search Component
  • Using jQuery with Ajax, and Apache Sling
  • Dynamic User Account Grid
  • Create the component
  • Create the Client Library
  • Create the callback jsp file
  • Internationalization of the Authoring Interface
  • Apply internationalization to the Title Component Dialog
  • Adding New xtypes
  • tag .
  • Create, register and use a new xtype
  • How to register your newly created JS library using CRXDE:
Advanced Concepts
  • OSGi Bundles Creation
  • What exactly is an OSGi Bundle?
  • Create and consume an OSGi bundle
  • Basics of the Workflow Console
  • main workflow objects Overview
  • Starting a Workflow
  • Explore Workflow Basics .
  • Creating Workflow Implementation Step
  • Defining a process step: with a Java class
  • Use the new Process Implementation in a Workflow
Utilities & Performance
  • CRX Package Manager
  • Create a Content Package of Everything We Have Done
  • Useful Tools
  • Performance
  • How to monitor Page response times
  • How to find long lasting request/response pairs
  • How to monitor Component based timing

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