Adobe CQ5 Training

Introduction to Adobe CQ5 Training Course :

The Adobe Experience Manager  formerly called as Adobe CQ5. It is an CMS platform designed to deliver personalized digital experiences across the multiple channels such as web, mobile, social & many more. The high end digital platform allows the users to design, develop, manage&  optimize any number of websites or the pages & mobile apps in different languages. It is a role based web application or a tool, which helps business users with little technical or no technical knowledge to create and manage website content.  The Adobe CQ5 platform allows the users to build compelling content-centric applications that combine Web Content Management, Workflow Management, Digital Asset Management, Multi site manager & the Social Collaboration and many more. Register for Adobe CQ5 Training by contacting our help desk now.

Adobe Cq5 online course content

Adobe CQ5 Installation
Administration of the servlet engine using CQSE interface
Accessing the CRX repository
Accessing Apache Felix Web Management Console
Using CRXDE Lite
Creating Templates, Page components and.jps scripts.
Web site creation based on the template.
Stand-alone development and debugging
Understanding Apache Sling
Modularizing the components with their reuse
WCM content management tools - Sidekick.
Creating Designers and using CSS files
Creating navigation components
Using the CRXDE debugger.
Creating components to display a customizable page like title,logo,breadcrumb and configurable paragraph
Creating & adding a Complex component.
Adding a Search component.
Introducing internationalization
Creating & registering a CQ custom Widget
Creating & downloading a CQ package for distribution
Creating & consuming an OSGi bundle.
Optimization methodology
Changing default passwords.