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Adobe digital video training

Introduction To Adobe Digital Video Training:

Digital Video is an year-long, project-based curriculum that develops key digital communication skills such as design, project management, research & communication, both video & audio design & the production technical skills by using the Adobe tools. The Digital Video can be used in an video & audio production education or in the more general career & technical education. Each project builds on the lessons learned previously& contains an instructor guide & a series of activities to teach the participants. Activities include student technical guides, worksheets, & best practice guides. Utilize the entire curriculum, individual projects, or individual activities to adapt this content to your course. While you join for Adobe Digital Video Training  The beginners will be introduces   to shooting & editing your own digital video. Learn how to get the best results from your video camera, & discover what makes the  moving images successful. 

Adobe Digital Video Online Training Course Content

1. Introduction:
  • Video Basics
  • Recording and Playback
  • History of Video
2. Analog Video
  • The Video Image
  •  Formats and Standards
  •  Composite and Component Video
3. Digital Video
  • Comparing Digital and Analog Video
  •  Compression
  •  Formats and Standards
Encoding and Streaming
  • Video Codecs
  •  MPEG
  •  Streaming Video
5. Video Products
  • Cameras and Recorders
  •  Video Networks
  •  Cisco Video Products