Adobe Fireworks Training

Adobe Firewortks training

Introduction To Adobe Fireworks Training Course:

The Fireworks was initially developed & was launched by Macromedia as Macromedia Fireworks &it was packaged with Macromedia Dreamweaver a leading WYSIWHG Web Editor. Adobe Fireworks is an bitmap & the Vector Graphics Editor which is mainly used by Web Designers & the Application Designers to create & design Web Interfaces & the Application interface for the Prototyping &  Demonstration purposes. Adobe Fireworks integrates with the  Adobe Dream Waver & the Adobe Flash & it has Adobe Photoshop integration tools. Its available as an independent software as part of Adobe CS6 &  also comes bundled with the Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription service. Though Adobe has officially stopped adding features to its already rich web design editor it has a large world following and close to 44% web designers around the world  Adobe Fireworks for Web & App prototyping purpose.

Adobe Fireworks Online Training Course Content

1: Bitmap Editing
  • Difference between bitmap & vector graphics
  •  Fireworks interface
  •  floating & docked panel groups
  •  Property Inspector
  •  Crop tool & Magic W&
  •  Info panel
  •  Select specific areas of an image
  •  Lasso & Polygon Lasso tools &Marquee tools
  •  Add & subtract selections in bitmap mode
  •  Move, copy & save selections
  •  Red Eye Removal tool
  •  Scale an image
  •  Change image size
  •  Rubber Stamp & Smudge tool
  •  Eraser tool
2: sing Vector Tools
  • Guides for placing & aligning objects
  •  Draw with the Ellipse &Polygon tools
  •  Scale & Rotate objects
  •  Use the History panel to replay actions
  •  Mask an object using Paste Inside
  •  Add Live Filters
  •  Group objects
  •  Import graphics
  •  Trim the canvas
3: Working with Layers & Text
  • Examine the Layers panel
  •  Add & name your layers
  •  Property inspector for precise positioning & sizing of objects
  •  Rename, Show , hide & lock a layer
  •  Auto Shape Rounded Rectangle tool
  •  Add a texture & a drop shadow
  •  Change the stacking order of a layer
  •  Use single-layer editing
  •  Use the default fill & stroke colors
  •  Align objects
  •  Add & format text
  •  Use the spell checker
  •  Use the Text Editor
  •  Use the Line & Subselection tools
  •  Use the Paste Attributes commands
  •  Add arrowheads to a line
4: Advanced Techniques
  • Combine simple shapes into complex objects
  •  Use techniques for saving & duplicating your actions
  •  Create a CD
  •  Create a gradient
  •  Change the opacity of an object
  •  Add text to a path
  •  Convert text to a path
  •  Use the Intersect & Crop commands
  •  Applying Transformations
5: Creating Buttons, Slices & Hotspots
  • Use the Button Editor to create buttons
  •  Add a new button from an existing button
  •  Make changes to the button
  •  Add links to buttons
  •  Turn graphics into buttons
  •  Add hotspots to an image to create an image map
  •  Work with the Web Layer
  •  Add slices to your page
  •  Add frames to the document
  •  Create disjointed rollovers
  •  View your page in full-screen mode
6: Optimizing & Exporting
  • Examine the various color palettes available in Fireworks
  •  Export wizard
  •  Choose the right image format
  •  4-up Preview Button
  •  Set the target export file size
  •  Optimize panel
  •  Previewing in the browser
  •  Save export settings
  •  Save as HTML
  •  Quick Export Button
7: Creating GIF Animations, Masks, & Pop-up Menus
  • Create GIF animations
  •  Use onion skinning
  •  Change the playback settings for an animated GIF image
  •  Use tweening to rotate an item
  •  Create symbols & use the symbol library
  •  Create a base template for your pages
  •  Use Group as Mask to isolate an image
  •  Paint on a mask
  •  Use text as a mask
  •  Create a text slice
  •  Add a pop-up menu
  •  Edit the pop-up menu
8: Integrating with Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Batch process several images
  •  Export  & view your pages for Dreamweaver
  •  Create a local site in Dreamweaver
  •  Set Dreamweaver preferences
  •  Add links in Dreamweaver
  •  Edit a Fireworks page from Dreamweaver
  •  Create a Dreamweaver template
  •  Add text in Dreamweaver
  •  Edit a Fireworks pop-up menu

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