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Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Training

Introduction To Adobe Flash Course:

Adobe Flash is an power full tool for creating the animation & multimedia content which shows consistently across the desktops, mobile devices, & various different browsers.

In Adobe Flash training you will come across how to create an Flash projects using animation techniques for both beginners & the advanced users. The knowledge shared by our expert consultants will help you to create the videos with bidirectional streaming of audio & video, games, or the computer animations.

The Adobe Flash software is a powerful authoring environment for creating the animation & enables users to easily combine multiple symbols as well as  animation sequences into an single optimized sprite sheet for the better workflow, build more engaging content using the native extensions to access device-specific capabilities, & create assets & animations for use in the HTML5. Enroll for Adobe Flash Online Training now!

Adobe Flash Training Course Content

1. Getting Acquainted
  • Starting Flash & Opening A File
  • Getting To Know Workspace
  • Working With Library Panel
  • Understanding Of The Timeline
  • Organizing The Layers In An Timeline
  • Using Of The Properties Inspector
  • Adobe Flash Training-Concepts Of Using The Tools Panel
  • Undoing The Steps In Flash
  • How To Preview Your Movie
  • Modifying The Content &Stage
  • How To Save Your Movie
  • Publishing Your Movie
  • Finding The Resources For Using Flash
  • Checking For The Updates
  • Review Questions & Answers
2. Working With Graphics
  • Understanding The Concepts Of Strokes & Fills
  • Concepts Of Creating Shapes
  • Making Selections
  • Concepts Of Editing Shapes
  • Using Gradient & Bitmap Fills
  • Using Custom Line Styles
  • Creating Of Curves-Adobe Flash Training
  • Creating Transparencies
  • Creating & Editing Text
  • Aligning & Distributing Objects
  • Review Questions & Answers
3. Creating &Editing Symbols
  • Concepts Of Importing Illustrator Files
  • Importance Of  Symbols
  • How To Create Symbols
  • Importing  The Photoshop Files
  • Editing & Managing Symbols
  • Changing The Size & Position Of  The Instances
  • Changing The Color Effect Of The Instances
  • Adobe Flash Training-Understanding The Display Options
  • Applying Filters For The Special Effects
  • Positioning In The 3d Space
  • Review Questions & Answers
  • View Sample
4. Animating Symbols
  • Brief Overview On  Animation
  • Understanding The Project File
  • Concepts Of Animating Position
  • Changing The Pacing &Timing
  • Animating  The Transparency
  • Animating The Filters
  • Animating Transformations
  • Changing  Path Of The Motion
  • Swapping The Tween Targets
  • Creating Nested Animations
  • Concepts Of Easing-Adobe Flash Training
  • Frame-By-Frame Animation
  • Animating  The 3d Motion
  • Testing Your Movie
5. Animating Shapes And Using Masks
  • The  Animating Shapes
  • Understanding Project File
  • Creating An Shape Tween
  • Adding More Shape Tweens
  • Creating An Looping Animation
  • Using  Of Shape Hints-Adobe Flash Training
  • Concepts Of Animating Color
  • Animating The Mask And Masked Layers
  • Easing An Shape Tween
6. Creating Interactive Navigation
  • laying Animation At  Destination
  • CoAbout The Interactive Movies
  • Creating  The Buttons as a part of Adobe Flash Training
  • Understanding The  Concepts Of Actionscript 3.0
  • Preparing The Timeline
  • Adding An Stop Action
  • Creating The  Event Handlers For Buttons
  • Creating The  Destination Keyframes
  • Creating An Home Button With Code Snippets
  • The  Code Snippets Options
  • Pncepts Of Buttons
  • Review Questions & Answers
7. Working With The Sound & Video
  • Understanding The Project File
  • Using Of Sounds
  • Understanding The Flash Video
  • Using Of Adobe Media Encoder
  • Understanding The  Encoding Options
  • Playback Of  The External Video
  • Working With Video &Transparency
  • Embedding The  Video as apart of Adobe Flash Training
  • Exporting The Video From Flash
  • Review Questions & Answers
8. Loading & Displaying External Content
  • Loading The External Content
  • Removing The  External Content
  • Controlling The Movie Clips As A Part Of Adobe Flash Training
  • Review Questions & Answers
9. Using Variables And Controlling Visual Properties
  • Understanding The Concepts Of Project File in Adobe Flash Training
  • The  Visual Properties Of Movie Clips
  • Concepts Of Beyond The Mouse-Click
  • Mapping The  Mouse Movements To Visual Changes
  • Using The Variables To Store Information
  • Change The Position Of Large Image
  • Creating An Custom Cursor in Adobe Flash Training
10. Concepts Of Publishing To Html5
  • What Is Toolkit For Createjs?
  • Adobe Flash Training -Using Of Classic Tweens
  • Exporting To The Html5
  • Inserting The Javascript
  • Review Questions & Answers
11. Publishing Flash Documents
  • The Concepts Of Debugging Process
  • Understanding The Concepts Of  Publishing
  • Publishing For  Web
  • Publishing An Desktop Application
  • Publishing For An Mobile Device
  • Next Steps-Adobe Flash Training
  • Review Questions & Answers

Adobe Flash Training Advantages:

Learn the required skills to use & master  the Adobe Flash at global online trainings to get the  hands-on experience with practical lab session, instructor-led Adobe Flash Training courses. Our Adobe Flash sessions are practical -based & mainly focus on the real-world uses & challenges individuals face in their day-to-day environments. Come enroll for adobe flash cc, adobe flash cs6 training.

Every designer aspires to be an animator. By using Adobe Flash you can fulfill your wish! Once if you mastered the basics in Flash, then it’s time to study animation. Come join for Adobe Flash Training and get the benefits of our sessions.