Adobe FrameMaker Training

Adobe FrameMaker Training

Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker training:

Adobe framemaker training at Global online trainings – Adobe framemaker is software which allows you to take text-based creations and share them in multitude platforms. It also includes some amazing features such as writing and languages, read right to left such as Arabic and allowing the user to insert interactively media such as 3d models. Adobe frame maker is industry standard. If you are a professional technical writer creating complex technical documents, thousands of pages long with figures and tables. Global online trainings is rich in providing Adobe Framemaker online training by experts at flexible timings.

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Overview of Adobe FrameMaker Training:

  • You can try creating the same document with another application like Microsoft word or Adobe InDesign. But I recommend it is not worth in the sense that if you can afford to learn frame-maker by all means do so. Microsoft word is great for short documents nut if you are creating a long document with hundreds or even thousands of multi-level numbered lists that goes through all throughout the chapters in Adobe Unstructured framemaker.
  • Complex chapter page, paragraph numbering, figures with captions, tables with titles, hundreds of them and a book with multi-level TOC and multilevel index then it is better use frame-maker  and  not Microsoft word. Are you passionate in doing certifications? We provide best Adobe FrameMaker Certification training by real time experts.
  • InDesign is beautiful to create short visually pleasing documents like brochures and posters whatnot. But it was not designed to create complex technical documents like books with thousands of pages long. Even though both Frame maker and InDesign rely on beautiful master pages in Adobe Structured framemaker.

You might be wondering, Reliable and Scalable is the word for Framemaker. Even when you create 2000, 5000 or 10,000 pages long documents Frame maker will generally won’t crush or collapse. It will allow you to create complex chapter section, page figure and table numbering and multi-level lists of all kinds easily and when I say it won’t crush or collapse I mean it may happen occasionally but overall as you keep using Frame maker you will find out that it is lot more stable. A product than comparable other text editing and page layout programs. There are many other reasons why frame maker is a good product. One of them is Single sourcing, conditional text you can write once and publish on many different platforms like responsive Html5 training, web health, regular HTML health, even Kindle, ePub versions and you can also do very robust. Each XML publishing, what is also called structured authoring in Adobe Structured framemaker.


Adobe FrameMaker Dashboard:

  • When you open a FrameMaker for the first time you will find few options when working with documents. You can open a recent item, create a new item such as a document or book or open a pre-existing template.
  • You will also notice the menu bar, if you move horizontally across the menu bar you will notice that most of the menu options are currently unavailable. These options will become available once we begin working with our frame maker file.
  • Now I am going to open the recent item notice that dot FM is the extension name used for framemaker files. Once your file is open you will see the screen, the User Interface can be a bit over whelming  for first time users.

Let’s begin with the menu bar and the different options. First we have the file menu where you open, save and print you file then we see the edit menu which is use to cut ,copy ,paste ,spell check and update your file. Next is the format menu where you can change the text paragraph and page settings. Are you interested in learning more about this course? We provide best Adobe FrameMaker training with live projects.


Conclusion of Adobe FrameMaker Training:

Want to know the best part? Frame maker as two versions one Adobe Structured framemaker and the another one Adobe Unstructured framemaker versions. It is the Industry standard that’s why in many Fortune 100 corporations you will see Frame maker used as the main document creation platform. In technical documentation it is one of the industry standards. Today as a technical writer the chances that you will find a better paying job if you know how to use frame maker will be higher. So by all means I recommend if you have the time and resources to lean frame maker by all means go ahead and do it. So what are you waiting for? Join in Global online trainings for best  Adobe FrameMaker online training by experts. Hurry Up!!


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