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adobe test and target training

Adobe TestTarget Online Training

Introduction To Adobe Test And Target Training Course:

The Adobe Test & Target is an robust website optimization tool. The Test & Target product allows you to design tests  & create audience segments to target content. The Adobe Test & Target provides its own reporting interface to analyze the results of an test.   This is great, but you might want to analyze the performance of an test in your web analytics- tool. When you have the test variation or the identification data in your web analytics tool, your analysis is more flexible & isless dependent on the limited data set contained in the Test & Target. The Adobe Target is an complete optimization solution that allows data driven marketers to rapidly experiment & create high-converting personalized experiences. For more information register for Adobe test and target training now.

Introduction to Adobe Test&Target
Target Advanced basics
Creating campaigns and offers
Defining and using segments
  • URL & Referring URL
  • Ge
  • parameters
  • Mbox parameters
  • Profile parameters
  • Campaign, Experience and Location levels
  • Success Metric and Conversion levels
  •  Reusable Targets
  • Conversion Rate, CR Lift, Confidence and Confidence Interval
  • run your campaigns
  • Pushing winners
Success Metrics
  • Implementation and Success Metrics report
  • Restricted Order Steps
  • Design, run, understand MVTs
  • Adboxes, redirectors, redirect offers
  • campaign types
  • Additional Target Advanced features

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