after effects training

 after effects training

Introduction To After Effects Training Course: 

The Adobe After Effects software helps you to deliver the cinematic visual effects & the sophisticated motion graphics. It maximizes the 64 bit performance with global performance cache and also preserve and preview  when ever possible for a faster and responsive workflow. Register for After Effects Training and learn  how it allow you to create the dynamic, visually stunning motion graphics &visual effects wherever inspiration strikes and much more , You will also discover how the After Effects connects with Creative Cloud mobile & the desktop apps seamlessly, while allowing your creativity to inspire you — wherever you are. Learn all this under the expert professional guidance. We render the course by subject matter experts with an interactive and informative way.  To know more details about the course enroll with Global Online Trainings by contacting our help desk.

After Effects training course content

Topic 1:Outline After Effects User Interface and Animation
  • what’s a project file & what’s in it
  • tools & panels
  •  workspaces
Topic 2:Basic Animation
  • transform properties of layers
  • keyframing: making element move
  •  importing Photoshop & Illustrator files
Topic 3:Intermediate Animation
  • in depth Keyframe manipulation & interpolation
  • graph editor
  • Motion Sketch/Smoother
  • Auto-Orient/Motion
  • blur
  • roving
  • Keyframes,
  • Anchor Point/Pan Behind Tool
  • panning a large graphic: technique
  • hold Keyframes
Topic 4:Layer Control
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • quality
  • Slip Tool,
  • sequence layers And  Solo Switches
  • looping footage
  • image sequences
  • Frame Rate vs. Time Stretch
  • blending Modes
  • effects for  Solids with Blending Modes & Presets Panel
  • adjustment layers
Topic 5:Transparency
  • Masks
  • Shape
  • Feather
  • Expansion
  • Masking with the Pen Tool
  • Bezier curves,
  • Mask Shape Interpolation
  • Mask modes,
  • Mattes and Stencils
  • Mask shapes
Topic 6:Type and Titles
  • simple Rules of Titling
  • basic text
  • text animators/range selectors
  • Randomising
  • applying & saving text animation presets
  • per character animators
Topic 7:Nesting
  • precomps
  • editing Precomps,
  • locking panels
  • render Order
  • how After Effects put it all together
Topic 8:Exporting Files
  • render Queue
  • export As/Same Frame As
  •  pre-render
Topic 9:Keyframes
  • different types of Keyframe
  • velocity
  • Keyframe shortcuts
  • Keyframe graph editor
Topic 10:Type Draw, Paint
  • all About Alphas
  • working with Photoshop
  • dots, pixels & Inches
  • working with Illustrator
  • plugging in Type
Topic 11:The Matrix
  • Particle Playground
  • More On Effects
  • production Bundle Effects Round-Up
  • compound Effects
Topic 12:Animation Assistants
  • additional Assistants
  • motion Fun
  • express Yourself
  • animation & behaviour presets
Topic 13:Keying
  • using Keylight
  • Time and Tracking
  • time Remapping
  • time Games
  • on Stable Ground
  • motion tracking
  • time warp
Topic 14:Expressions
  • writing a simple expression
  •  linking expressions to motion track
Topic 15:Working with 3D
  • cameras
  • lights
  • 3D layers
Topic 16:NLE Integration


  • integration 101
  • integration with Nonlinear Editing Systems
Topic 17:Format Issues and Rendering
  • video issues
  • playing the field
  •  pulldown
  • luminance & IRE issues
  • working with D1/DV NTSC and  with widescreen
  • pre-rendering & proxies
  • advanced ‘Rendering-Render Farm Concept’
  • Your Preference
  • The ‘Secret Preferences