Agile Testing Training

Agile testing training

Introduction of Agile Testing Training:

Agile Testing Training provided by global online trainings will cover all the aspects of testing process required for agile software development. Agile is basically a methodology or a very fast rapid as well as iterative model of the process for developing the software. In the terms of methodology, the requirements coming from the customers could be changed by time when they required changing it.

The parallel development process allows the testing team to change the code frequently when it is needed. Best Agile testing online training helps to explore the processing tools of individuals and their connections. It is responsible for giving response when there is change in the development plan or in requirements by proper collaborating with the customers and the required documentations.

Mode of Training: We provide online mode of training and also corporate, job support.

Duration of Program: 30 Hours (Can be customized as per requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Agile testing online training.

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Overview of Agile Testing Training:

Learn about Agile Testing methodology in our Agile testing Training:

In the traditional waterfall model you would have collect all the requirements then do business analysis and after that translate them in functional requirements, then technical requirements, coding, testing and at last deployment. So basically each step should be followed after the previous step is complete. This processing step make the water model more through and they are heavily reliant on documentation as well as they are much time consuming processes. Whereas in agile testing training we are working with very small set of requirements at a given point of time.

  • So the time wise it might not be a great benefit when you use agile project for us to get initial version of the software up and running out to the live customers takes longer than in the context of an agile project.
  • The way agile project works is the same set of hundred requirements they are prioritized, analyzed, input is taken and then based on that sprints are designed.
  • Sprints are complete development lifecycle within the agile project itself and here focus is not really on through examination and analysis, but it is more on people.Agile testing methodology
  • It relies on people’s decision making capabilities and how fast they are able to give reply on the situation and so on. This means the main focus of agile testing training is on people and lot less on process so this is why there is little or no documentation.
  • The agile testing training will ensure that you would have complete backlog, so the entire requirements list is called the backlog and the product backlog is known as all the requirements in the context of agile which is called as user stories.
  • User stories are requirements that are coming up for the software and these user stories are prioritized as well as a certain amount of requirements or user stories are picked up and chosen to be the scope of a particular sprint and that sprint will complete the entire cycle. Global online trainings provide best agile testing training by corporate trainers and we cover all the related topics of agile testing training.
Importance of Testing life cycle in Agile training:

There is no theoretical foundation that guides us how testing has to happen in any specific format in an agile project. But it could go in some way such as you could have it along with the development. In agile testing training, the testing lifecycle has three phases which are test plan, design and that is followed by execution which is actual running of the tests.

  • In the test plan phase you would have a test plan document as an output. In the design phase you will have test scenarios which is much more high level pointers on what to test and that is followed by test cases.
  • The test cases are detailed step by step conditions of what you would test. Now this is followed by you would have the application under test, you would apply these test cases, plus the data and you would arrive at the results.
  • The results will come whether the application behaves in the expected way or not, so this the way testing happens. So if were to follow an agile model the teat plan phase is still going to be a part of it because generally a test plan is between 20 or 25 page document but if it were in an agile project it would probably a one or two page documents fir highlighting schedules, scope and other stuffs.
  • In the teat design phase, you would just have the test scenarios because the test cases might be eliminated and the execution again the same like you would have the application under test then you perform the steps you would apply the data, you have the results.
  • Once the results do not match means you have defects and all that processes remains the same. So testing activity wise there are slight adaptations here but the overall software testing lifecycle remains the same. We provide agile testing training with covering all the topics like agile testing certifications,
    agile testing methodology and CAT (certified agile tester).

Principles of Agile Software Development in our agile training:

There are certain set of principles or rules that need to be followed while developing the agile software and those rules are:

  • In agile the customer satisfaction is obtained by delivering the required software early for getting the good feedback. The continuous delivery allows the customers to know the progress of the software. This is a main focus for the development team to provide a better service to the client.
  • The second principle is highlighting on the state of the requirements that can be changed when needed to. The change control process is simplified and no formal documentation as well as approval required.
  • The process also provides immediate values to the customers by delivering working feature.
  • Working close with business people on daily basis without the clearness makes close collaboration for getting clarification just in time. The Changes in requirement is acceptable and it happens usually in agile development.
  • The agile projects give the environment and support they need as well as trust them to get the job done. The most efficient and effective method of sharing information is face-to-face conversation.
  • The agile development process enables to measure the progress by the software and promote suitable development which allows the user to maintain the constant velocity.
  • The focus of the team should be on essential things not on the documentation and the best architecture as well as design comes with well organized teams.
Conclusion of Agile testing training:

Agile testing software development is not any more about a superior method to create programming. Agile testing training is tied in with changing the way computerized innovations, products, and administrations  are made to exploit improved CPU control and the apparatuses that power has made conceivable. Global Online Trainings provides Agile testing Training by professionals. The classes are taken here in flexible-hour, participants can take their classes at their spare time as per personal schedule. We also provide the classroom training at client premises noida, Bangalore Gurgaon, Hyderabad Mumbai, Delhi and Pune.


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