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Agile training Introduction:

Agile training is provided by Global Online Training which is the best online training provider firm. We are providing the best Agile training at an affordable price. Global Online Training is the perfect place to learn Agile course. Our trainer provides training with real-time implementations. Candidate can choose the training timing according to his comfort. Candidate can also go on weekends or weekdays session. In the 90’s most of the projects were managed by the waterfall methodology. With that, most of the IT projects were out of time, scope, budget, and low quality. Group of engineers came up with an agile manifesto.

In the agile project, we do all the same things that we do in the waterfall model project. The developers start off with an oversimplified design and after that start to work on the small modules. These modules are designed, develop, tested, and deployed. Agile allows modification to keep up-to-date with the needs of the users. This is a brief introduction to Agile. We will be covering all the basic concepts in our agile certification training

Mode of Training: Agile Online training/Agile corporate training/Agile Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per requirement (30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best Salesforce Developer online training.

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Trainer Experience: 13+ years.

agile training Course Content

agile training course content

agile training course content

Overview of Agile Training:

Learn about Agile software development methodology in our Agile Training:

Agile training course infographics

  • Agile is basically a rapid and iterative model of development of software. When you compare with the waterfall method, you would have collected all the requirements in the traditional waterfall methodology.
  • Each step is followed after the previous step is completed and basically, waterfall methodology is high time consuming and it is heavily reliant on the documentation.
  • All requirements cannot be collected at the beginning of the IT project and agile understand this problem very well so, requirements can be collected throughout the software development cycle.
  • Agile is iterative and this is nothing but we can go in tight cycles. We can revisit each and every plan.
  • Iterations are the very big concept in agile. Agile says don’t focus on the documentation but we have to focus on the working software. In agile development, every sprint we can involve the customers to show where we are.
  • If you follow the traditional waterfall methodology, you will have one long release cycle and at the end, we will have the feedback options but in the case of agile you have the shorter cycles and you have more frequent feedback points.
  • With that feedback points, we can have the opportunity to modify what we are creating, to do analysis, and also to do reprioritizing.
  • The result is we have reduced risk and more feedback and guidance and also less confusion. In order to build the success shippable product, you need to have a built-in mechanism for the quality which actually agile has. We will teach you more practically in our agile training. 
  • There are so many options available in the agile. They are test-driven development, pair programming, code reviews, and also feature-driven development.
  • Our Agile development training helps you to learn the different strategies to get the best output. 
  • This is just a brief introduction of Agile Software Development training. We will be covering all the basics of agile software development in our agile training.
Learn about Agile Roles in our agile training:

agile roles infographics

  • There are so many different roles available in agile. The first one is the scrum master. Let’s have a look at what exactly scrum master is.
  • Scrum master role is to make easy the teamwork to follow the agile practices. The developers have to develop the code and also testers have to test the code.
  • That means they are able to meet their commitments. There are so many scrum master responsibilities available.
  • Certified Scrum Master training helps you to empower the co-operation of all the functions and roles. The scrum master is used to removing any kind of blocks. 
  • It has a duty to work with the company for tracking processes as well as the progress of the company and also Scrum master is used to facilitate the decision-making process and team meetings.
  • Another main responsibility of the scrum master is to ensure that agile processes like adapt and inspect are used maximum advantage.
  • The next important role is the product owner. The product owner is nothing but a client and product owner drives the product from the business perspective.
  • Now, let’s see the responsibilities of the product owner. Product owner has a responsibility to prioritize the values as well as to define all the requirements.
  • He has a duty to take a big role in iteration planning and also to release the meeting planning.
  • He is the one to show the voice of the customers. Product owner has an important duty to make sure that the team is doing on the most important requirement.
  • The next role in agile is a complete team. Each team can deliver sufficient function. You can all these scrum master in our agile scrum master training. We will be covering all the basic and advanced chapters of agile roles in our agile training.
Learn about Agile project management or scrum in our agile online course:
  • Let’s have a look at the agile project management. There are numerous ways to do the project management.
  • The most traditional methodology is a waterfall methodology. A waterfall is completely based on the progress and continuity.
  • We have discussed that each step is followed after the previous step is completed. Agile is another project management and its projects are broken down into iterations.
  • Each of these iteration modules gives some results. It is a great project management for the risk management and also it allows for the flexibility. That is why agile is so popular with software developers.
  • Agile actually requires continues communication between the teams and stockholders. Agile project management training is very good for the smaller teams.
  • If we miss the deadline on any iteration and then the agile will cause a complete project to shift. Now, let’s see how the scrum works in the agile project management.
  • Complex projects are real headaches for any organization. There are some unclear tasks such as organizing the teams, scope, and roles.
  • But we can change that with the help of Scrum. Scrum is nothing but a framework of agile. We can apply the scrum to any project. Product owner actually builds the product backlog and also prioritize the list.
  • In the process of sprint planning, the team actually pulls the piece from that list and also decides the completion process.
  • They have a set time frame for the sprint to finish the work. The scrum master keeps the team focused and finally the task should be shippable.
  • Sprint review of the product is conducted by the team and then after they choose the next backlog and cycle repeats with scrum. This is all about the agile project management. We will be covering all the agile scrum concepts in our agile training.
Learn about agile testing in our agile online tutorial:
  • Software development is not a simple thing and there is a series of phases in the software development.
  • Agile methodology is nothing but a practice that provides continues iteration of development and testing throughout SDLC.
  • We have discussed that agile is nothing but an iterative development methodology where both development and testing are concurrent.
  • Now, what exactly agile testing means. Agile testing is nothing but a software testing practice that actually follows the principles of agile software development and also it involves testing from the customer perspective.
  • It takes place simultaneously throughout the software development lifecycle. Agile testing contains all the levels of testing such as integration testing, unit testing, and system testing and so on.
  • There are so many tools available in the market for the agile testing. They are selenium, functional testing, CI framework, Java unit test, .Net unit test, Ant, JIRA software .Net build automation, Java build automation, Jmeter, Hudson, performance testing in agile development and so on.
  • This agile testing always concentrates on continues checks as well as continues feedbacks.
  • Therefore, we can fix the issues immediately, rather than waiting for the end of the agile project. It provides enough value to release to production.
  • These are some important points about the agile testing. Learn the advanced concepts of agile testing practically in our agile testing training. We also provide the agile certification training. We are also providing the best agile PLM training.
Learn about the agile user story concept in our agile scrum master training:
  • This is one of the important concepts in agile training development. A user story is nothing but a requirement which actually defines what is required as functionality.
  • The user story is defined by the user. Agile teams use the story cards or user stories to know the requirements of the users as well as to manage the delivery of the user functionality.
  • At the time of the release planning, the rough estimate is provided to a user story using a relative scale. At the time of iteration, actually, a story is broken up into the tasks.
  • The user story refers to what the need of a user. That means, it actually tells about what to be done. But tasks tell about how to be done.
  • Tasks define the process of the functionality implementation. These are the basic idea of what exactly the user story is.
  • We are going to cover all the concepts of a user story in our agile training. We are also providing the best CA agile central training.
Learn about product owner role in our agile online course:
  • Let’s see more details about the product owner role in the agile development. The product owner is the one who is responsible for maximizing the business value that actually is delivered by the team.
  • When assembling the agile team, the role of the product owner plays a vital role in the success of the whole team.
  • The product owner is the person who represents the customer needs and also owns a vision for the product. The product owner also owns the product backlog.
  • That backlog includes the user stories that can be written by the people. But the product owner ends up writing many of them.
  • The product owner makes sure that whole backlogs are well structured. The backlogs are evolving continuously so the product owner should be there to collect from the stockholders continuously.
  • Product owner supports the planning cycles. The product owner has a huge responsibility for accepting user stories in each sprint.
  • This is just a brief note of the responsibilities of the product owner in agile development. We will be covering all the concepts of roles in our agile training. We also help to get the agile certification.
Conclusion of Agile training:

Global Online Trainings provides the best Agile online course at an affordable price. Agile online training helps you to learn the project management, and software development in an effective manner. The agile professionals who have strong understanding of methodology have a huge demand in current market. The duty of certified scrum master (CSM) is to lead the project teams and make an easy agile approaches within these teams. The average pay scale of Certified Scrum Master (CSM) is approximately 12 lakh per annum. Global Online Trainings provides the senior trainers for this Agile training. We have a good academic background in this online training. Get the best agile training at Global Online Trainings. 

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