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Ale-Docs Online Training

Introduction To ALE-IDOC Training Course:

The Application Link Enabling in short called as ALE. It is an technology to create & run distributed applications. ALE Technology is proprietary of The SAP. ALE supports the distribution of the business functions & process across loosely coupled SAP R/3 systems (different versions of SAP R/3). Connections from R/2 & non SAP systems is also supported. Basic principle of ALE is to provide a distributed & the fully integrated R/3 system. Intermediate Document in short called as idoc. The IDOC is simply an data container used to exchange the information between any two processes that can understand the syntax & semantics of the data.To stated in In simple words , an idoc is just like an data file with an specified format which is exchanged between 2 systems which know how to interpret that data. Learn more about their usage by enrolling for Ale-Idoc Training now.

What is ALE
  • What Data can be Exchanged?
Components of ALE
  • Application Services
  • Distribution Service
  • Communication Services
  • Customizing Tools
  • Development Tools
  • Scenario analysis
Anatomy of an Idoc
  • Message Type
  • IDOC Type
  • IDOC Definitions
  • Configuration elements
  • Logical System
  • Partner Profiles
ALE Processing
  • Output Processing
  • Filtration
  • ALE For Transactional data–Output Determination
  • Types of Output
  • Code Conversions
  • Input Processing
  • Partner Profiles -Inbound
  • Configuration of ALE Inbound
Transactions for Monitoring and processing IDOCS
  • AlE Monitoring transactions.
  • Error handling
  • Advanced Inbound Topics
  • Serialization
  • Mass Processing
ALE in typical Project Scenarios
  • Typical Scenarios
  • Typical Business Scenarios