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Alfresco Training Introduction:

Alfresco Training is a free/libre enterprise content management system for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems.Alfresco Training includes a content repository, an out-of-the-box, web-based user interface for managing and using standard portal content, a CIFS interface that provides file system compatibility on Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems, Lucene and Solr indexing, and Activiti workflow.

Alfresco Online Training tutorial by Global Online Training is based on latest research, live project, & best possible industry update. Not only students will find this module advantageous to avail,but also on job professional will find it super flexible for attaining besides their regular job.

Alfresco Online Training Course Content

Architecture & Technology
  • Architecture review
  • Start-up and connecting
  • Minimum configuration requirements
  • Subsystems
  • User Interface
  • Standard interfaces
  • The Share architecture
  • Users and Groups
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Authentication
  • Authentication
  • a website & how it is used?
  • Roles
  • Security and Permissions
  • Authentication
  • Roles or Permission Groups
  • Managing Permissions
  • Permissions
  • Repository Configuration
  • Configuration
  • Content Model Overview
  • Relationships, types, aspects and associations
  • What is a content model
  • Built in types & aspects
  • Deploying a content model
  • Creating Content Models
  • Explanation about Content models
  • Types & properties
  • Deploying content models
  • Associations, aspects & constraints
  • User Interface Manifestation
  • Advanced Topics
Developing Against Alfresco Repository
  • Spring Framework
  • Foundation services API
  • Web services API
  • Separating concerns using AOP
  • Extending Alfresco Repository
  • Repository actions
  • Repository policies
  • Content transformers
  • Metadata extractors
  • Document or Records management
  • Creation of documents, workflows and deployment
  • MS-Office Integration
  • OCR, scanning & indexing (Overview)
  • Architecture and technology
  • Forms Overview
  • Various Terminology
  • Forms used in Alfresco Share
  • UI controls Configuration
  • How to Change default User Interface (UI) control behavior
  • How to Change list of aspects a user can select
  • Display of a new custom type
  • Label alignment customization
  • Content Search
  • Overview of Lucene search
  • Lucene APIs and search examples for WCM, DM & RM
Introduction to Web scripts
  • Web Scripts Types
  • Components of a Web Script
  • How Components Work Together
  • User Interface Web scripts
  • Web Scripts in Applications & Portals
  • Web Scripts in Action
  • Creating Web Scripts
  • Defining a Web script
  • web script Storing
  • Registering a Web Script
  • Registered Web Scripts Listing
  • Invoking a Web Script
  • Developing Java Backed web scripts