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AlterYX Training

alteryx training

Introduction about ALTERYX Training:

Alteryx Analytics present analysts with an intuitive workflow for advanced analytics and data blending which a point to wider understanding in hours, not the week’s normal of traditional approaches. Alteryx Analytics 9.0 set the power of the new world of user predictive analytics and data towards the hands of each analyst.

Global Online Trainings offers online Alteryx Training for individuals and corporate batches. The entire training session will be conducted by freelance professionals with real time industry exposure. alteryx 11.x predictive analytics online course will also offer standard material with latest industry upgrades & provide job support for technical issues. Virtual job support is best in providing project support  and our consultants will be available 24/7 for clarifying your issues and make you to updated in your role

alteryx 11.x predictive analytics online course content:

Topic 01: Alteryx Designer
  • Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings
  • Drag and connect tools
  • Change tool functions- alteryx 11.x predictive analytics online course
  • Build your first workflow
Topic 02: Preparing Data
  • Using the Select tool to rename fields, change the data type, and remove from data set
  • Connect to data sources
  • Set data field types- alteryx training
  • Remove and rename fields
  • Browse the initial results
Topic 03: Filtering Data
  • Filtering Using String Data
  • Filter records from your data
  • See how all records fit the filter
  • Sort records from highest to lowest
topic 04: Blending Data
  • Data Blending for Dummies
  • Find customer with 10 or more transactions
  • Identify common data fields-alteryx training
  • Join data on common fields
  • Group and aggregate data
Topic 05: Analyzing Data
  • Tools in Alteryx Designer
  • Find number of customers with above average sales
  • Group data by criteria
  • Create fields from other data- alteryx 11.x predictive analytics online course
  • Discover trends in your data

AlterYX Training Overview:

Alteryx training empowers analysts with a re-useable workflow for self-service data prep, so that they can spend less time in preparing data and more time with visualizing and analyzing data in Tableau. With an easy way to prepare, blend and analyze all the data sources as well as apply advanced predictive and spatial analytics without requiring coding, Alteryx helps you maximize your visual analytics. Blended datasets are quickly converted to Tableau data extracts, which means perfected data is easily fed to Tableau Online, Server or Desktop.

  • AlterYX training Analytics provides a analysts with an intuitive workflow for the data blending and a advanced analytics that leads to the deeper insights in a hours, not the weeks that the typical of traditional approaches that include. 
  • AlterYX Analytics 9.0 puts the power of a new world of the customer data and the predictive analytics into the hands of a every analyst. AlterYX server is a prominent platform to be Deploy and  to Share Analytics.
  • AlterYX training datasets in one of a place in one tool. We make sure that we understand what our customer wants and to be needs and provide them with a same.

Why you need Alteryx?

  • AlterYX server is the prominent platform to Deploy and Share the Analytics
  • Learn the basics of Alteryx Training through the experts to gain the basic data skills.
  • This Alteryx training course will help you to drag and connect tools, understand the basic Alteryx settings, connect data sources, prepare and filter data, build your first workflow and discover trends in your data.
  • This alteryx 11.x predictive analytics online course will be designed for users who have progressed the basics and want to take their Alteryx skills to the next level.
  • Trainees will be gain in-depth knowledge on dynamic data extraction, data parsing, operational zing analytical workflow, development of analytic apps and best practices.
  • Our trainers will demonstrate the usage of different tools in Alteryx training and also advanced data blending, data parsing, macro development, predictive and spatial analytics.
  • Practical use cases can be utilized to show how the Alteryx can be used to construct an analytical solution.- alteryx 11.x predictive analytics online course


Relation between alteryx and tableau:

Alteryx and Tableau are the complex tools that can revolutionize data analytics and data consumption in any organization. Alteryx training is a user-friendly ETL platform with a powerful suite of tools, including spatial and predictive analytics. Tableau is the best tool for sharing the data in a dynamic visualization. Consumers of reports want the ability to drill into the data. The partnership between Alteryx training and Tableau allows the analyst to spend the time by analyzing, finding trends and utilizing their company’s data in a way that drives business decisions. Alteryx and Tableau seamlessly bridge the gap between transforming raw data and a finished, dynamic report.

How AlterYX training is helpful?

AlterYX is the best tool for analysts to use in regards to transforming, cleaning, calculating, joining and preparing data and however, it is not the best at displaying a final product. Tableau can be bogged down by very large data sets and is most efficient when these data sets are turned into a .tde (Tableau Data Extract). Alteryx training can power through any amount of data and export that final product as a .tde for visual analysis and make the findings transparent, secure and dynamic for an entire organization. 

About Alteryx 11.0:

Alteryx Analytics present analysts with an intuitive workflow for advanced analytics and the data that blending which point to wider understanding in hours, not the week’s normal of traditional approaches. Alteryx training Analytics releases latest version 11.0 to set the power of the new world of user predictive analytics and data towards the hands of each analyst.

New features of Alteryx designer 11.5:

New and Enhanced Data Sources

  • Snowflake is now supported for standard and in-database connections.
  • In-database support is now available for Pivotal Greenplum.- Alteryx training
  • In-database support is now available for PostgreSQL.
  • Amazon Redshift Bulk connections and the Amazon S3 Upload tool now support SSE-KMS server-side encryption.

 SDK Support- AlterYX Training

Two new SDKs are now available:

  • The beta version of the HTML GUI SDK consists of a library of HTML widgets that can be used to create a GUI interface for configuring a custom tool.- alteryx 11.x predictive analytics online course
  • The alpha version of the Python SDK is available with the Admin version of Alteryx and can be used to create a custom tool with the Python programming language.

Other Enhancements

  • A new User Setting was added so that double-clicking Alteryx file types (.yxmd, .yxmc, .yxwz, .yxzp, .yxi) will open them as a new workflow tab within an existing Designer instance.- alteryx 11.x predictive analytics online course
  • You can now access saved Oracle OCI and SQL Server ODBC connections when configuring In-DB connections.

Tool Enhancements

  • The Visual Layout tool has been enhanced so that you can resize a chart, image, legend, or text reporting element after it is placed on the report page, and immediately visualize the change.- alteryx 11.x predictive analytics online course

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