Altiris Training

Altiris-online training

Altiris Training Introduction:

Altiris Online Training Course Content

Installing Deployment Solution
  • Becoming familiar with installation prerequisites
  • Installation of Deployment Solution
  • Understanding & configuring the Symantec Boot Services
  • Installing the Deployment Solution Plug in on clients
Configuring Deployment Solution
  • Understanding Deployment Solution configurations
  • Sysprep imaging configuration
  • Adding OS licenses
  • About preboot configurations
  • PXE Server Configuration
  • About Initial Deployment
  • Adding operating system files
Symantec Management Console Fundamentals
  • Understanding the core Deployment Solution console views
  • Jobs and tasks searching
  • Searching for computers
  • Creating & managing jobs and tasks
Creating Images & Deploying Software
  • Creating & deploying images
  • Importing predefined computers
  • Installing software with the Copy File task PC Transplant with Deployment Solution
  • Overview of PC Transplant
  • Creating a PCT template file
  • Deployment Solution tasks for PC Transplant
  • Editing Personality Packages
  • The A2i Builder
Computer Migrations & Deploying Operating Systems
  • About computer migrations
  • Deploying computer images
  • Unicast & multicast imaging
  • Changing a computer’s system configuration
  • Initial Deployment imaging
  • Disk preparations
  • Performing scripted OS installations
Installing Deployment Site Servers
  • Understanding the Deployment Site Server Components
  • Installing Deployment Site Servers
  • Deployment Site Server differences with Images & PCT
Remote control with pcAnywhere Solution
  • About pcAnywhere Solution
  • Installing Symantec pcAnywhere Solution & plug in
  • Starting a pcAnywhere session
  • Managing a pcAnywhere session
  • Configuring pcAnywhere settings