Amadeus Training

Amadeus Training

Introduction of Amadeus Training:

Global Online Trainings is offering Amadeus Training from India through online for students as well as for professionals. With our Amadeus Global Distribution System Training you will provide airline availability, schedule and timetable for flights with that you will have a sales agreement with Amadeus  we are providing a complete set of course and it includes basic functionality of travel agency etc. In this course you will learn all elements which include enhancing market of products and maximizing productivity benefits with less cost etc. Amadeus will show flights operated by airlines, availability status, service class and seats availability etc. In this training you will understand complete architecture and functions of Amadeus and in future you can provide product based business solutions for your working company or for your business.

Pre-requisites for Amadeus Training:

Students should as of now be comfortable with GDS framework usefulness, fundamental directions, and can decipher booked agendas.


Amadeus Online Training Course Outline:

  • Course Name: Amadeus Training.
  • Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom training at client location).
  • Duration of course: 30 hrs.
  • Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, Amadeous Training materials will be provided.
  • Course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.
  • Trainer experience: 15 years+.
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility.
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.

Amadeus Global Distribution System Training Course Content:

Amadeus GDS Online Training Course Content

Amadeus Training Overview:

Amadeus is an essential source of reference information system available to all Amadeus users. In Amadeus Training, some part of information systems are updated by Amadeus others by external providers. In Amadeus, the information is stored in information system using a structure consisting of three levels those are category, subject and page.

  • The transactions will go to access the AIS (Amadeus Information System) pages is GG and is referred as Go and Get. In Amadeus Training you can display main topics of information available in AIS.
  • With this Amadeus Training you can shape the future of travel by anticipating opportunities and better way of dealing things and through our research and development you can bring benefits to the travel industry. The main aim of Amadeus is to create more dynamic more highly connected future by working together every day with worldwide customers.  
  • Amadeus Online Training will make you to understand that it is one of the most leading Amadeus Global Distribution System Training (GDS) and sometimes it also called as Computerized Reservation System (CRS).
  • The tool GDS in Amadeus Global Distribution System Training is widely used by travel agents for visionary bookings for air lines, railways, insurance, accommodation and car rentals etc. In Amadeus you will know how to provide comprehensive services of price, availability and reservation in online.
  • There are two core business areas of in Amadeus Global Distribution System Training business and one branch for providing solutions for information technology (IT) solutions. As a part of IT solutions, it will provide departure control systems for many different airlines across the world.               
  • Amadeus is providing membership with international air transport association, online travel agencies as a composition. By the efforts of air France, Iberia, Lufthansa and SAS to provide a technology bridge in between vendors and travel agencies that Amadeus was born.
  • It was built as an option for SABRE, which was America and Amadeus was trying to prove English in this domain too. Amadeus in its inception focused on airlines reservation and bookings. Slowly Amadeus was expanded its horizon to other vendors like railways, accommodation, car hire, water transports etc. Global Online Trainings will give the best Amadeus GDS Training with all the aspects at reasonable price.

What is Amadeus Training?

Amadeus is a course, and it is designed for travel agents who are not used a CRS (Computer Reservation System) or who have recently joined in to the travel business or in a tourism company. It can also be useful for travel agents who are making conversions from one reservation system to another reservation system. After completing our Training students will be able to understand complete process of Amadeus and also they come to know to handle GDS with Amadeus Global Distribution System Training and they will know how to make bookings in Amadeus system. Our senior Trainers are always available for Amadeus System Training from India.


Who should attend this Amadeus training?

This course is prescribed for: 

  • Airline admissions work area operators 
  • Travel operators 
  • Airline ticket operators 
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and call focus specialists

What you will learn in this Amadeus training?

After finishing this course you will have what it takes to: 

  • Analyze GDS shows applicable to mileage framework estimating 
  • Identify and cost diverse adventure types 
  • Read, decipher, and apply mileage and steering passage rules 
  • Issue tickets
Commands in Amadeus Training:
  • Sign in/Sign or: it is basically to identify the agent and to get an entry to start working on Amadeus platform.
  • Sign off: this will help to sign out from current area but to sign out completely the command will be JO*.
  • Encoding/Decoding: to maintain standards and to bring uniformity IATA has provided codes to every city, airport, currency and equipments.
  • City/Airport Encode-Decode: city and airport name may be similar where as single airport exist. The function identifier for encoding in Amadeus in the city name. Therefore the output will also same, similarly we can decode the function identifier.
  • Country Encode Decode: countries have two letter codes. The function identifier for encoding country is DC.  
  • Airlines Encode/Decode: this command will gives both the alphabetic and alpha numeric codes.
  • Schedule, time table is called as schedule and is also used to know the frequency of flights from one city to another city. Schedule may be general for all the airlines.
E-Travel Management in Amadeus Training:Modules in Amadeus Training

In Amadeus Training you will understand complete process of E-Travel Management system. The E-Travel Management is the online self booking tool that gives corporations unparalleled control over the travel program and business travelers’ greater choice with their trips or complying with corporate travel policies. Business travelers save time and get greater choice with streamline booking process and automated travel approval on both fixed and mobile devices. Travel administrators can able to create tests, updates and apply policies quickly and easily. They can update traveler profiles online using the efficiently designed interface or through automated processes.

By this Amadeus Training you will understand how to cut process costs, easy integration with existing back office systems and powerful built – in analytical and reporting tools. With this Amadeus Training you can continue to improve Amadeus E-Travel management with the latest versions with a complete review of the user interface with a range of new exciting and time saving features. The new UI (User Interface) offers an appealing look and feel with a more intuitive booking flow making it easier and faster to search, book, review and approval a travel plan and more efficient company wise. E-travel management is streamlining the booking process itself with customization marketing image. Simplified tabs and reduced navigation levels making it simple to independently search air, rail, hotel and car etc.

In this Amadeus Training you will know how Amadeus came to India. Amadeus established their business in India with the name of Amadeus India Pvt. Ltd. And it is handled in India by the bird group a force to look upon with in travel business. Amadeus India like its mother concern had its eyes set on IT Travel Solutions Software Tools for Travel Business and automated tools for travel agents, consolidators and even back end for portals. Amadeus India’s head office is in New Delhi with a support of forty more offices at the national level.

Importance of Amadeus Training:
  • Amadeus Training will teach for you the real time customer experience as well as that’s as a part of Amadeus developers or administrators, you have to do every time to reach a customer requirements.
  • In the training of Amadeus You will learn how to make customer loyalty and maintain to be successful by focusing on tailoring services to what your customer really want.
  • Traveling weather for business or for pleasure, in Amadeus Training you will know to everywhere for everyone travel is an important part of our lives and travel experiences are made possible by a highly specialized industry known as Amadeus.

That always wants to offer travelers new and better possibilities and satisfy ever changing wishes and needs. That’s why in every step of journey whether you are in the business of travel or a customer of travel products and services Amadeus is always there, standing behind everything it takes to travel to life.

Customer Experience Management in Amadeus Training:

Amadeus customer experience management allows you to take full advantage of data and better understand the preference and habits of your customers. With Customer Experience Management in Amadeus Training is providing 360 degree profile view for air lines draw in site – specifications. Airline agents can easily see passengers’ past disruptions, complete flight history and ancillary services bought. In today customer experience management in Amadeus is providing comfort services such as onboard extra specific metrics for customer lifetime value. These will rewards to traveler segments such as attrition risk as well as travel disruption score. The data is processed from multiple sources to produce a comprehensive profile. It is the valuable insights and that enables airlines to better service.

With customer experience management in Amadeus Training you will learn how to target busy affluent professionals and can create campaign and as to match customers profile on relevant criteria, thus customer will receives a personalized email offer. In this management system you can identify valuable customer based on previous data and can offer them with an automatic upgrade to luxury class travelling.

GDS in Amadeus Training:

In Amadeus GDS, the complete form of GDS is Global Distribution System for Amadeus Global Distribution System Training and it is refers to the reservation system or tool to travel agent seeking an air, hotel, car and other travel service bookings.

  • Amadeus link hotel is a multi GDS Services Company which distributes your inventory and content to the world’s GDS in Amadeus Global Distribution System Training. The GDS for travelers booking a trip today can be as a search and a few clicks.
  • However, on the supply side there are thousands of airlines in the world and those are managed dynamically in real time. On the demand side there are thousands of travel agencies for millions of customers every day.
  • In Amadeus Training and in Amadeus Global Distribution System Training you will have to connect with these vast volumes of demand and supply and an increasing automated and fast way. GDS is a centralized electronic platform that provides travel related transactions between travel providers and travel sellers.
  • Today the Amadeus hold the bulk of the global market. The GDS has real time links to the airlines IT systems. GDS is providing robust distribution technology with sophisticated search capabilities and efficient post booking services. The modern online booking systems or websites mostly use the GDS as a primary content source.

Advantages of Amadeus Training:

There are quite a few advantages of taking Amadeus Training, those are

  • The merging of travel matrix will gives Amadeus an upper edge.
  • Global Online Trainings has experience trainers to skilled you on Amadeus Reservation Training at flexible hours.
  • In this Amadeus training, bookings with Amadeus will involve Altea have the top most level of excess and everything happening in real time.
  • In Amadeus even if onward booked on separate carriers yet they would be displayed hence rearrangement will becomes very easy.
  • The PNR will be common in between Altea Amadeus and air lines so no duality in PNR or command.
  • With Amadeus Training you can perform not only STD, STAs but also even ETD, ETA and ATA and ATD are also displayed.
  • With the help of Amadeus Training, you can reduce ADM as same for air lines and Altea. So there is no more waiting for seat request as soon as acceptance or rejections are displayed.
  • You can sort FF or Mileage membership data, which in case does not match with the booking is outright rejected and displayed.
  • If a correct FF or MM details are entered all levels of information can be collected about the PAX.
  • By taking Amadeus Training you will know how to update PNR.
  • We have the best trainers for Altea Amadeus Training, they will provide training on your working project/subject also.

Conclusion of Amadeus Training:

Global Online Trainings is a top online training platform and it is also providing Amadeus Training form India for a reasonable cost. We have a core team of technical trainers and they are having years of experience in all kind of modules of Amadeus Information System. With the help of our training many students are gain good knowledge in Amadeus Information Technology and archived jobs and working joyfully.

Students who want to become Amadeus GDS developer after their studies and beginners who are got job in abroad countries like America or England are also can take Amadeus and Amadeus Global Distribution System Training. We are also providing Corporate Training for Amadeus GDS, Altea Amadeus, and Amadeus Reservation.  Our online trainers will understand your requirements and your queries and they will solve. For more information and for contact details visit our official website and check the helpdesk of thank you.



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