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amazon web services training

AWS Introduction:

Amazon Web Services Training offers an array of cloud computing services that double up as an on demand computing platform. In the present scenario, AWS has an over 70 services that include the computing, networking, storage, database, application, analytics, deployment, development & a various other tools for the Internet of Things. 

Global Online Trainings offers Amazon Web Services Training online specialized training for professionals. In Global Online Trainings the Amazon Web Services Training is coordinated by best industry experts and the AWS online course tutorial is prepared with best industry updates for offering participants best professional insight over modules. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online AWS training course contact reach at help desk of Global Online Trainings today.


AWS Online Course prerequisites:

There are no specific prerequisites for participating in AWS training. Any professional who has an understanding of IT Service Management can join this training. There is no programming knowledge needed and no prior AWS experience required.

AWS Course Content

TOPIC 1: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) (Complete)
  • Different instance types
  • AMI’s
  • Volumes
  • Snapshots
  • EIP’s
  • Key pairs
  • Security groups
  • Network Interfaces
  • Load balancers
  • Auto scaling
  • Tags
  • VPC basics
  • Public subnets & private subnets
  • Network ACL’s
  • Difference between Network ACL & Security groups
  • Route tables
  • Internet gateways
  • DHCP option sets
  • Launch Servers with VPC.
TOPIC 5. Dynamo DB
  • What is no sql technologies
  • Dynamo DB capacity
  • Create tables & do a sample projects.
  • Email services
  • SMTP Servers
Topic 2 : Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3
  • What is s3?
  • Buckets & objects
  • Pre-signed URL
  • Permissions
  • Distributions
  • Relation between Cloud front, S3 & glacier
Topic 4: IAM
  • Basics of AWS permissions.
  • Roles
  • Profiles
  • Policies
  • MFA authentication.
  • User permissions
  • Groups based
  • AWS key & Secret Key
Topic 6. Route 53
  • Hosted zone
  • Types(Cname, Ip address, MX)
  • Change references to meet CName
Topic 8. SQS
  • Queue creations
  • Retention periods
  • Dead letters
  • Subscriptions
  • Notification & Applications
  • Different Metrics
  • Monitoring
  • Custom metrics

Amazon Web Services Training Overview:

  • Amazon Web Services has been developed one of the world’s premiere of a cloud infrastructures, enabling you to provide the high-availability, redundant services to meet the ever-growing needs of your organization. Master the power of a cloud computing as you learn to create sophisticated, scalable applications. Conquer AWS technologies and services as you work toward the earning AWS certification or broadening your professional skill set.
  • Develop robust, flexible, & a cost-effective cloud solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This Amazon Web Services training course provides the skills needed to deliver the significant technical and business benefits by fully leveraging a AWS, & the foundational knowledge of how an AWS suite of IT cloud computing services can be used separately or in the combination to address the common problems in computing.
  •  AWS online course provides an extensive,cost effective & a secure cloud computing service platform. Which offers the compute power, content delivery,database storage, bandwidth & customized support for application programming interfaces to assist organizations scale & to grow.
  • It is used to build sophisticated applications with enhanced scalability, flexibility and reliability.Amazon Web Services Training shows how to  satisfies the customers by offering faster time to market, no need to fix capEx, pay for what you use, true elastic capacity & also to be focus on the core competency.

Amazon Web Services Training Objectives:

On completion of the AWS Online course learner will be able to: 

  • Design & also deploy scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS 
  • Understand lift & shift of an existing on-premises application to the AWS 
  • Ingress & egress of data to and from AWS 
  • Identify an appropriate AWS service based on the data, compute, database, or the security requirements 
  • Identify the appropriate use of a AWS architectural best practices 
  • Estimate AWS costs & also identifying cost control mechanisms

Why Learn AWS?

  • AWS online course provides the process of providing IT infrastructure services to businesses (software as a service), businesses are to be able to take advantage of a following services. They provide low cost services, agility & also instant elasticity, open &  flexible, &  safe and secure to  cloud storage.
  • The Amazon Web Services training enables you in the understanding of a several important aspects such as the application hosting, websites, backup storage, content of delivery, websites, Enterprise IT, amazon web services cloud & database. Building your skills in the cloud computing by thjoining with our Amazon AWS training will help you to get amazon AWS tutorial to prepare at your own pace

You Will Learn How To

Amazon Web Services Training shows how to

  • Apply best practices for the creating an AWS-based cloud solution
  • Leverage of AWS computing services to provision virtual machines
  • Implement the highly durable and reliable of storage systems
  • Transparently handle spikes in the demand with the elastic load balancing and auto scaling

Why Global online Trainings?

  • GLOBAL ONLINE Training provides the best Amazon Web Services Training  by well trained and certified trainers . TIB Academy offers the best Amazon Web Services Training in India with most experienced professionals. Our Instructors are working in the Amazon Web Services & related technologies for more years in MNC’s.
  • We aware of industry needs & we are offering Amazon Web Services Training in India in more practical way. Our team of Amazon Web Services trainers offers Amazon Web Services in online training, and Amazon Web Services Corporate Training services. We framed our syllabus to match with present real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level