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ansys training

Introduction To  ANSYS Training Course:

ANSYS is an computer aided engineering (CAE) software for engineering simulation of  the fluid dynamics. The ANSYS. Inc., the developer of ANSYS, is headquartered in Pennsylvania, US. The  Ansys CFD is one of the most useful products of Ansys. Inc.,  which is a proprietary CFD (computational fluid dynamics) program. Most Ansys courses are  based on program which is especially relevant for the engineering students. The software is now used as an general purpose finite element modeling package for solving many of the mechanical problems that include structural analysis, both static and dynamic analysis, fluid problems, heat transfer, electromagnetic problems & the acoustic problems. Register for Ansys Training at Global Online Trainings to know more information about the course.  All the sessions are rendered by subject matter experts with an interactive way.

Ansys Online Training Course Content

1. Introduction FEA
  •       About FEA
  •       About ANSYS
  •       ANSYS Basics
  •       Starting ANSYS
  •       ANSYS Workbench Environment
  •       The GUI
  •       Graphics and Picking
  •       The database and files
  •       Saving Files
  •       Exiting ANSYS
  •       File Types
2. Introduction of ANSYS
3. Basics of Meshing with ANSYS
4. Nodes & Element types
  •   Structural Analysis
  •    Thermal Analysis
5. Linear Static Analysis
6. Non-Linear static Analysis
7. Modal Analysis
8. Buckling Analysis
9. Dynamic Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Transient Analysis
10. FEM case Studies
11. Industry problems