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Ant Online Training

Introduction To ANT Training Course:

Another Neat Tool in short called as ANT. The Ant is an open source (free) Apache project . Apache Ant is distributed under the Apache Software License, an full-fledged open source license certified by the open source initiative. The  Ant is an Java based tool for automating the build process It is similar to make but implemented using Java Platform independent commands which works on Windows, Mac & Unix. It is XML based format. It Avoids the dreaded tab issue in make files, It is easily extendable using Java classes.  Ant is the most complete Java build & deployment tool available. And the Ant is platform neutral & it can handle platform specific properties such as file separators. Ant can be used to perform platform-specific tasks such as modifying the modified time of a file using ‘touch’ command.  Ant scripts are written by using the plain XML. If you are already familiar with XML, you can learn Ant quickly. Enroll for ANT Training 

What is build
Why we need build
Build process Introduction
  • Build process steps
  • How do achieve build process steps manually
  • Automation of build process steps
ANT Introduction
How to automate build process steps using ANT
About target
What is task
Ant Installation Tutorial
Ant Sample Build File to create JAR
Integration of Ant Eclipse IDE
Ant Sample Build File to create WAR
Ant Sample Build File to create WAR with properties file
Deployment of application in Tomcat using ANT
How to undeploy application in Tomcat using ANT
How to start Tomcat server using ANT
How to stop the Tomcat server using ANT