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AnthillPro Online Training

Introduction To AnthilPro Training Course:

AnthillPro is an software tool originally developed & released as one of the first continuous integration servers. The AnthillPro automates the process of building code into software projects & testing it to verify that project quality has been maintained. The AnthillPro provides the continuous integration as well as support for activities like deployments, long running tests & releases that may occur after build time through management of an cloud of agent machines. The AnthillPro supports development teams working with Java, Ruby, .Net & other native technologies.The latest Version 3.6 introduces dozens of new features & over 100 of refinements & bug fixes. Register for AnthilPro Training and learn how AnthillPro is perfect for the corporate IT development teams looking for end-to-end automation, transparency, & control for all the steps involved with taking source code &putting it in production.

Understanding Basic Concepts of AnthillPro
  • About AnthillPro
  • Projects
  • Workflows
  • Jobs
  • Build Concepts
  • Dependencies & Artifacts
  • Environments
  • Life-Cycle Models
Getting Started with AnthillPro
  • Setting Up a Build Process
  • Setting Up Continuous Integration Build
  • Setting Up a Deployment Process
  • Integrating Other Tools Into Processes
Performing AnthillPro Installation
  • AnthillPro Installation
  • Unattended Agent Installation Scripts
  • Installing Distributed Servers
AnthillPro Upgrading
  • Upgrading AnthillPro
  • Upgrading Distributed Servers
  • What’s New in AnthillPro
AnthillPro Securing
  • Setting Up Security
  • Perform Security Audits
  • Securing Artifact Sets
  • Set Up and Manage Guest Users
Scheduling & Reporting
  • Implementing Schedules
  • Overview
  • Create Schedules
  • Reporting
  • Reporting Basics
  • Complex reports
Dependency Management Implementing
  • Overview
  • Configure Dependencies
  • Using Codestation Projects
  • Configure Dependencies Tutorial
Using Advanced Authoring Tools
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing Workflows
  • Managing Jobs
  • Reusing Workflow Definitions & Jobs
  • Managing Life-Cycle Models
  • Managing Notifications
  • Managing Properties