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Apache Ambari Training


Apache ambari training

Introduction of Apache Ambari Training

At Global Online Trainings gives you the detailed information from about basic level to advanced level Apache Ambari Training. Ambari is a Hadoop distributed cluster configuration management tool, an open source project led by Horton works. It has become the incubator project of the Apache Foundation and has become a powerful assistant in the Hadoop operation and maintenance system, which has attracted the attention of the industry and academia.Since its inception in 2013, Pivotal has been building a strong, open source community and platform, and has been practicing this commitment through intellectual property and practical action, including contributing code to the Cloud Foundry Foundation 

Once we have installed and created the virtual machine so we have create certain prerequisites like VMware then edit etc host, update the network configuration properly then transparent huge base disable SE Linux disabled IP configure conflicts disable and firewall disable so we need to do all this after that we have to download that repositories

Apache Ambari Training Course Outline:

  • Program Name: Apache Ambari Training/Apache Ambari Corporate Training/Apache Ambari Online virtual classes
  • Course Duration:  35 Hours
  • Mode: Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility
  • Trainer Experience: 10+ years.
  • System Access: will be provided
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material.
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset

Learn about Basic components in the Apache Ambari Training

Ambari can be divided into five major components:

  • Ambari-server.
  • Ambari-web.
  • Ambari-agent.
  • Ambari-metrics-collector.
  • Ambari-metrics-monitor.

The Ambari-agent program is deployed on each machine in the cluster. The Agent is server and the gives the interval and it will take us to login page after that you need to login after that whenever we install the server which is mostly related to administrative activity at the time. the console you can see the various tabs ,dashboard, services host alert admin at the right

Mainly Responsible for receiving commands from the server. These commands can be to install, start, and stop a service on the Hadoop cluster. Meanwhile, agent side needs to end on Ambari-server and report the results of command execution; it is executed successfully or failed.

Ambari-Server provides REST interfaces for Agent and Web access. Users can even manipulate the cluster with the curl command instead of the interface. Hadoop console comes with two players you can use this embody tools or you can use the console

Ambari-metric-collector and Ambari-metrics-monitor are modules that collect metrics for components in a group.

Learn about Horton works cluster installation using HDP in Apache Ambari Training

Here you have to install Horton HDP 2.5.3v and it’s a HDP cluster software installation in your machine.

  • Ambari
  • HDP

Once we have installed and created the virtual machine so we have create certain prerequisites like VMware then edit etc host, update the network configuration properly then transparent huge base disable SE Linux disabled IP configure conflicts disable and firewall disable so we need to do all this after that we have to download that repositories

Tar files from Horton works website and create local repositories for Ambari and HDP utils once that is done we can go for installation of Ambari server on one machine and agents on all the nodes and then we have to do certain configurations on for Ambari server and also Ambari agent files and we need to update and point it to correct Ambari server machine after that we can start Ambari server as well as the agent once it is started then we can continue the installation from Ambari web console and Ambari server IP address :8080 which Ambari uses.

Learn about Apache Ambari Training

it’s a late two thousand about it basically introduced in 2012 after that it will become Apache Hadoop project they graduated from there in 2013 now Ambari training was a the first and its own kind of managing tools these days was help us to playing around that and generally Ambari supports 64 bit of operating system

Apache Ambari is browser based management interface it is tool for using provisioning using managing and using mortaring Apache Hadoop cluster Ambari consists of a set of REST full APIs and this gives us a browser-based management interface

Actually they are two big areas where we can use this Ambari with enterprise and customers want to run Hadoop. And Ambari brings together all the hadoop ecosystem projects and under one single point of management in monitoring so they don’t have to go and figure out all the different solutions between the components.

Starting from the core of HDFS and MapReduce now there are many projects that are part of Hadoop taking each one of those is a difficult task or a challenging task for a traditional operator that they can manage and monitor on the other side since we the way we have designed an Ambari is all about integrations and being a framework for operations.


The pig is a high level language  that translates down into MapReduce it’s just like a compiler the compiler takes high level description of you program and converts into assembly language for you and pig is also do the same thing for MapReduce job instead of having to write a whole chain MapReduce is to get the processing done that you want it allows

Ambari has three operations


In provision we can provision different kinds of servers in the same cluster setup like Ning, ganglia, and we can create secondary name node and all that Ambari is basically is responsible of installing Hadoop cluster and irrespective of clusters sizing with number of nodes and then Ambari uses REST APIs to automate installation of the clusters and it also automates configuration of cluster very easily through the web front then integration with the other tools Ambari provides basically Rest APIs to connect with the different tools available in the market like Teradata, HP, Microsoft operation


Advance configuration and hosting controls

Single point for host controls


It provides us a basic and quality of dashboard for monitoring of status and health of Hadoop cluster and it also uses Ambari matrices and alert system to gather the information about the system and alert admiration and about related that issues and it also provides central management of services for a starting and stopping of reconfiguration we can start over server and we start our server under the manage and basically simplifies the whole process of management

Learn about the features of apache Ambari training:

Platform independent

It is platform independent and it’s a web application there four we can run this application in the MAC environment or in the windows environment so in Apache Ambari there is No platform dependency 

Pluggable components

The pluggable components are currently developed application or currently developed ambari application there we can customize that. And we can also add the different features components and we can develop those components and add those components or we can also add extra new functionality to the Ambari as a view

Version management and upgrade

The Ambari itself maintain the versions management and no need to use external tool to maintain the versions and when the version is going to upgrade it is very convenient to upgrade or it’s very easy to upgrade Ambaries application.


We can extend the functionality of the existing ambari Application by adding different view components we can deploy the various components of various applications in the ambari tools

Failure Recovery 

There is failure recovery functionality available in our ambari which will helps us to recovery. It’s a original point size 

Learn about basics of Hadoop in Apache Ambari Training 

Hadoop is free java base programing language framework that’s support the processing the large data sets of distributed computing environment this a apart of apache project and it will help you to collect so many data nodes and number of data nodes and makes a cluster and then you can distribute data on that. The Apache Ambari Training it has web display information such as service specific summaries graphs, and alerts

Hadoop is a large-scale and distributed data storage and processing infrastructure using cluster of commodity hosts network together

To manage the complexity. Apache Ambari Collects a wide range of information from the cluster nodes and the services presents it is easy to read and use centralized web interface Ambari web 

Ambari web to create and manage your HDP cluster and to  perform basic operational task such as starting and services adding hosts to your cluster and updating services configurations

Ambari web to perform administrative task for your cluster such as enabling kerberos security and performing stack upgrade

The Apache Ambari Architecture

Ambari server

Master process which communicates with ambari agent installed on each node participating in the cluster. This has posting database instance which is used to  maintain all  cluster related to metadata

The types of managing tools

  • Web base data collection  (nutch, solr, gora, Hbase)
  • MapReduce programming (fair and  capacity schedule, oozie )
  • Moving data (hadoop commands, sqoop, flume, strome)
  • Monitoring ( hue nagios ganglia)
  • ETL (pentaho talend)
  • Reporting splunk talend

One liner management tool explanation in Apache Ambari Training


The Apache gora open source framework provides an in-memory data model and persistence for Big Data gora supports to column stories. And the Key value stores document stories document stories and RDBMS and analyzing the data with extensive Apache Hadoop MapReduce


Provides workflow data management and coordination of those workflow manages Directed Acyclic graph of action


Eclipse-base visual programming editor generates executable java code. talend to bring an open source integration tool for easily connecting apache Hadoop to hundreds of data systems without having to write code. and highly scalable open source web crawler software project


Apache solr is a standalone full text search server with apache lucence at the backend user for web applications for text search. A wrapper around apache written at cnet for apache

Overview of Apache Ambari Training:

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