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Apache Kafka  Online Training

Inreoduction To Apache Kafka Training Course:

Apache Kafka is an open source Apache project. It is a high-performance real-time messaging system that can process millions of messages per second. It provides a distributed and partitioned messaging system and is highly fault tolerant.Kafka is a distributed, partitioned, replicated commit log service. It provides the functionality of a messaging system, but with a unique design. Kafka is designed for distributed high throughput systems. Kafka tends to work very well as areplacement for a more traditional message broker. While you register for Apache Kafka Training you will be introduced to the concepts like Kafka cluster, Kafka API to advance topics such as Kafka integration with the Hadoop, the course also covers installation & configuration of Kafka & the other components. After successful completion of Real-Time training of Apache Kafka course participants will be able to Understand Kafka & its components.

Kafka Architecture
  • Broker
  • Producer
  • consumer
  • Topics
  • Partition
  • Replication
  • Zookeeper Installation
  • Installation of single node kafka
  • Installation of Kafka in cluster mode
  • Installation of Multiple kafka nodes in a single machine
Basic Kafka Operations
  • Adding and removing topics
  • Modify topics
Producer Overview and its API
  • Data Produce into kafka
  • Uniform Data distribution between partition
Consumer Overview and its API
  • High level consumer example
  • Low level consumer example
  • Consumer grouping
  • Multi Threaded consumer for multiple partitions
Consumer Configuration, producer and brokers Monitoring of Kafka
  • Monitor the kafka using JMX
  • Other Administration tools
Comparison of Kafka with the other messaging queue