Api Training

Api Training Online Course

Api Developer Training

Architecture of the API Developer
  • Identify the four tiers of the BRM architecture
  • Describe the rating & discounting architecture
  • Describe the processes in the CM & DM tiers
  • Use the BRM Online Documentation to locate information
Configuring the API
  • Navigate through the BRM server directory structure
  • Interpret the contents of the BRM configuration files
  • Start & stop BRM processes
Object Model of the BRM
  • Define the Storable Class, Storable Object, & Flits
  • Explain Flits Specifications
  • Define the BRM data types
  • Explain how a storable class maps to the BRM database
  • Use the Developer Center to define & view storable classes & objects
Understanding the BRM Opcodes
  • Define a BRM Opcode
  • Differentiate between Standard, Policy, & Base Opcodes
  • Determine the input & output Flits for a specified Opcodea.
The PIN Macros
  • Explain the BRM programming flow
  • Differentiate between the PCM & PIN Libraries
  • Use the PIN macros to the construct Flits & to manage memory for POIDs & Flits
The PCM Macros
  • Use the PCM Macros within the BRM program flow
  • Become familiar with the syntax of the commonly used PCM Macros
Error Handling & Debugging
  • Use PIN Macros to manage the error buffer & pin log files
  • Use the debugging process to determine the cause of errors
  • Parse the contents of BRM pin log files
Pricing Developer Tasks
  • List & explain the prerequisite tasks for creating a price plan
  • Create the new resources
  • Define the new Ratable Usage Metrics.
Customizing the Registration Process
  • List four opcodes used in the customer registration process
  • List the ways of changing the field validation rules
  • Customize the registration process by populating new fields with defaults at registration time
Extending the Event Creation
  • Describe the flow of standard & policy Opcodes used in the activity tracking process
  • Customize the event creation process by modifying sample act utility & generate events
  • Enable & verify event notification
Custom Facility Modules & Opcodes

Create a custom FM & Opcode

Creating a Custom Data Manager
  • List the reasons for creating a custom Data Manager
  • Describe the BRM Data Manager design
  • Create a custom Data Managere