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Appium Training

Introduction to Appium Training:

Our Appium Training will help you learn how to automate applications in mobile phones. It allows  native, hybrid and web application testings of IOS, android and also supports emulators. It provides cross platform application testing that is single API works for both IOS and Android platform testing. It works with all the programming languages that have Selenium user libraries like Objective-C, PHP, JavaScript, Java with node.js, Ruby, C#, Python.

Global Online Trainings is specialized in delivering Appium Training testing course to the students or the working professionals who wants to initiate their career or exaggerate the existing testing career in testing field. We are able to serve various mobile application testing courses both for manual and automation testing techniques for interested candidates as we have scheduled the online and corporate classes.

Prerequisites to learn Appium training:

  • General understanding of mobile and web-based applications
  • Some software development experience
  • Knowledge of Java programming is not a prerequisite for this course, but such knowledge is beneficial
  • Android SDK Configuration
  • Appium Installation on Windows
  • Eclipse IDE Configuration
  • Maven Configuration

Appium Training outline: 

Course Name: Appium Training

Mode of Training: We provide Online Training and Corporate Training for Appium Online Course

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do We Provide Materials? Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the Appium Training Materials will be provided.

Course Fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.

Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset


Appium Training

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Overview of Appium Online Training:

It is a cross-platform mobile app automation testing framework (supported by iOS and Android) developed and supported by SaaS Labs to automate open source, native, hybrid and mobile web applications. There are many automation tool, the Appium is one among them. The past few years, the popularity and consistency of Appium has been so high that it has become a demanding tool in the market to test the quality of the application. However, the appeal is the cross-platform automation tool; Its API supports OS (Android and iOS) test scripts. Appium Selenium WebDriver uses the JSON protocol to control the automation API across two platforms and three application types. It is tested on simulators (iOS, FirefoxOS), emulators (Android) and real devices (iOS, Android, FirefoxOS).

APPIUM OS is independent, but not device independent; Depending on the device type, it can translate selenium web driver commands to both OS. Since Selenium uses the JSON wire protocol, the user can test in any language supported by Selenium; Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Javascript, C #, etc.Our best technical consultants will help you in all these concepts in the Appium Training online classes.


What is Appium?

It can be defined as an open source tool for all mobile application automation which was launched in 2012. With the help of appium automation, this automation can be done with ease

  • Native
  • Hybrid
  • Web

A native app is an app developed for a particular mobile device or platform (such as Android, iOS, or Windows). For example, iPhone apps are written in Swift, and Android apps are written in Java. Native apps are also better performing and have a high degree of reliability, as they use the underlying system architecture and the device’s built-in features.

A mobile web app is an app accessed over a mobile browser. It can be easily accessed via built-in browsers, such as Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. They are primarily developed using technologies such as HTML5 or JavaScript, which provide the customization capabilities. So, they are basically served from a server and not stored offline anywhere on the device.

The hybrid app basically consists of websites packed into a local wrapper. These are mainly developed in web technologies (HTML5, CSS, Javascript) but run inside a local container, thus giving the feel of a native application. Hybrid apps rely on the HTML provided in the mobile browser, with the restriction that the browser is embedded in the app.

This can be run on operating systems such as

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Firefox OS

It is cross-plat formed as well as it means we can write tests in any platform using the same Application Programming Interface. Means we can write the test code in IOS and the same test can be used for windows phone, android app. This, in turn, results in large re-usable code which is time-saving.Join our online Appium training classes to learn more on these technologies .Another beautiful feature of appium is, recompilation doesn’t involve automation of application. That means without access to the automation code this can be used.


Why you need to learn Appium?

  • Appium is the leading technology for testing hybrid and also native applications in mobile.
  • If you are mobile app software test engineer, It’s the best chance to upgrade yourself in the required field
  • Here is the Appium technology came up for you to make advanced in your technology
  • The benefit of the Appium technology can makes your mobile app regression testing task easy.
  • Appium is an open-source automation library that you can use to automate the interaction with your applications and simulate user actions such as filling in forms, clicking buttons, and even gestures.
  • Our team has awareness to provide Appium training through its Appium boot camp events by online and corporate training program for anyone who is fascinated to learn more about this technology.
  • Our Expert team will provides you the latest updates about Appium

Who can go for this Appium Training?

  • Developers aspiring to be ‘Mobile Test Automation engineers’
  • QA engineers
  • System analysts
  • Manual Testers
  • Performance Test engineers
  • Software Test engineers

Learn the functions of Appium in our Appium Training Classes?Features-Appium-Training

  • Appium is an ‘HTTP server’ written using the Node.js platform and the webdriver drives the iOS and Android session using the JSON wire protocol. Therefore, before launching the Appium server, Node.js must be pre-installed on the system.
  • When Appium is downloaded and installed, then a server is set up on our machine that exposes a REST API.
  • It receives connection and command request from the client and executes that command on mobile devices (Android / iOS).
  • It responds back with HTTP responses. Again, to execute this request, it uses the mobile test automation frameworks to drive the user interface of the apps. A framework like:-
  • Apple Instruments for iOS (Instruments are available only in Xcode 3.0 or later with OS X v10.5 and later)
  • Google UI Automator for Android API level 16 or higher
  • Selendroid for Android API level 15 or less
  • There are three key components to the Appium Studio automated test environment:
  • A development tool for visual testing, providing users with features like device reflection and object spy, to aid in the speedier writing of more robust tests.
  • Simple, fast set-up and installation.
  • The execution engine – this adds a robust, stable engine to Appium that is designed with a mobile testing environment in mind, allowing for out-of-application tests as well as parallel execution.

These three features together improve Appium greatly and address some of its drawbacks. Time to testing is reduced, and so is cost and effort, thanks to iOS testing on Windows. Coverage is also improved for out-of-app tests.

Tests and their execution are made more stable, and the reportage is clear and precise. OS version support is guaranteed, and Appium Studio has built-in support for large-scale parallel execution.


Appium’s Architecture:

Appium evolved from Selenium and uses JSON Wire Protocol internally to interact with iOS and Android applications by using the Selenium WebDriver. 

Appium is basically a web server written in Node.js. The server performs actions in the given order:

  • Receives connection from the client and initiates a session.
  • Listens for commands issued.
  • Executes those commands.
  • Returns the command execution status.

So basically, Appium is client-server architecture.

The Appium server receives a connection from the client in the form of a JSON object over HTTP. Once the server receives the details, it creates a session, as specified in JSON, and returns the session ID, which will be maintained until the Appium server is running. So, all testing will be performed in the context of this newly created session.

Limitations of Appium :

  • Appium doesn’t perform testing on mobile devices support Android Version lower than 4.2.
  • Doesn’t perform well on hybrid app testing and face difficulty in testing the switching action of application (from the web app to native and vice-versa).
  • With the help of the Appium.exe client, you can easily launch and run an Appium server and Appium Inspector on Windows machine, but on local server, you won’t able to test iOS apps because Appium trusts on OS X-only libraries to support iOS testing.
Know the best Advantages of Appium through our Appium Training classes :
  • It can Support for both platforms IOS and Android.
  • Support for continuous integration
  • It doesn’t require any access to your source code or library.
  • It supports the different frameworks.
  • Using Appium, you don’t need to change the source code of the app while running the test.
  • To test your mobile app, you don’t need to stick on one particular language to write you test. You can write your test on all the other languages which is supported by Selenium. No any kind of setup or visualization required to test the application.
  • Although, it uses first-party (Apple and Google) automation frameworks for testing, test repeats user activities very correctly.

Conclusion to Appium Training:

Appium Training guides you test the applications which are efficient, rich in quality and free from bugs which are ensured by Appium automation testing framwork , which saves a lot of labour, time, and cost of the project. Mobile Automation Training with all these promising growth numbers and trends, learning mobile app development and testing will be worth it and will have huge demand.

Enroll with global online trainings for best and Quality Appium Training from Hyderabad, We are providing Appium course through online & corporate trainings based on the course demand. We are here to serve the participants for getting awareness in the Appium course. Our training team will be well experienced with the particular course & able to deliver the customized courses with hands on experience. Get Started with Global Online Trainings for being advanced in your technology at work place.


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