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apple final cut pro training

apple final cut pro training

Apple Final Cut Pro Training course content

Topic 1:Exploring the User Interface
Topic 2:Commanding the Keyboard
Topic 3:Choosing a Media Storage Option
Topic 4:Importing Media from Cameras
Topic 5:Importing Media from Hard Drives
Topic 6:Working With Events
Topic 7:Organizing with Keywords & Smart Collections
Topic 8:Rating, Deleting & Transcoding Media
Topic 9:Setting up a Project
Topic 10:Building a Project



Topic 11:Synchronizing Clips & Rating Interviews
Topic 12:Performing Insert, Overwrite & Connect Edits
Topic 13:Removing Unwanted Material
Topic 14:Replacing Clips & Performing 3-Point Edits
Topic 15:Adjusting Clip Timing
Topic 16:Auditioning Clips
Topic 17:Using the Trimming Tools
Topic 18:Editing with Multicam Clips
Topic 19:Working with Storylines
Topic 20:Working with Secondary Storylines
Topic 21:Editing the Soundtrack
Topic 22:Working with Music
Topic 23:Refining the Edit
Topic 24:Enhancing the Soundtrack
Topic 25:Working with Markers, Audio Components & Surround
Topic 26:Retiming Video
Topic 27:Creating Freezes & Holds
Topic 28:Applying & Modifying Transitions
Topic 29:Applying & Animating Effects
Topic 30:Working with Generators & Photos
Topic 31:Working with Transform Controls
Topic 32:Trimming Cropping & Distorting an Image
Topic 33:Working with Titles & Themes
Topic 34:Working with Compound Clips
Topic 35:Balancing and Matching Color
Topic 36:Manually Color Correcting an Image
Topic 37:Using Color & Shape Masks
Topic 38:Publishing to Apple Devices & Vimeo
Topic 39:Publishing Bundles & Keywords
Topic 40:Exporting Master Files with Roles
Topic 41:Exporting Using Compressor