arcsight flex connector training

Arcsight Flexconnector Config

Introduction To ArcSight FlexConnector Training Course:

ArcSight FlexConnector Configuration Training course will provide you an overview of the ArcSight connectors & explain the ESM Schema. In attension to this candidates will learn how to configure the flex connector configuration files & understand the various parsing methods available including the real-times examples and scenarios from standard connectors. The parsing methods covered will include Fixed delimited, Regular Expressions, Database, & SNMP. Advanced configuration options such as multi-line REGEX, parser linking & conditional mapping will also be covered. The participants are recommended to have a good understanding of the Regular Expressions to attend this course. At the end of the ArcSight Flex connector Online Training, attendees will be able to Given an target event log file & configuration criteria, install ArcSight Connector software, configure the functional FlexConnector, & then test with an ESM Active Channel. 

Course Introduction & Connector Overview
  • Welcome Orientation
  • Course Overview
  • What is an Arcsight FlexConnector?
  • Installation of Connector
Creating the FlexConnector Configuration File
  • Configuration File Locations
  • Configuration Procedures
  • Double Underscore Operators
  • FlexConnector Wizard
  • Categorization of FlexConnectors
DataBase and SNMP FlexConnectors
  • Installation of Time/ID-based Flex Connector
  • SNMP FlexConnector
Using the ArcSight Schema
  • Gathering Event Requirements
  • Event Normalization and Mapping
  • Schema Groups
  • Special Cases
Regular Expression (REGEX) FlexConnectors
  • Regex File Reader FlexConnector
  • Regex Configuration Files
  • Example in Syslog Connector
  • Regex Configuration Tester
Advanced FlexConnector Topics
  • Multi-Line Regex
  • Conditional Mapping
  • Parser Linking
  • Logfu

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