Arcsight siem Training

Arcsight Siem Training

Arcsight siem Training Introduction:

The Arcsight siem Training course provides comprehensive details of a HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) solution. Delegates will explore an ArcSight Console, ArcSight Command of Center, & ArcSight Web user interfaces used to monitor security events, configure ESM, & also manage users and ESM network intelligence resources. With Global Online Trainings the ArcSight  training is coordinated by best industry experts and the siem security online course tutorial is prepared with best industry updates for offering participants best professional insight over modules. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online Arcsight siem Training course contact reach at help desk of Global Online Trainings today.

Prerequisites of  Arcsight siem Training:

  • Basic Networking Knowledge

siem security online course Content

Introduction to the ArcSight SIEM
  • Overview of the ArcSight SIEM
  • ArcSight SIEM Event Schema/Network Model
  • Lifecycle of an Event in ArcSight ESM
  • ArcSight ESM Workflow
  • ESM Reference Resources
Introduction to the ArcSight ESM Console Interface
  • Using the ESM 5.0 Console
  • Using ArcSight Web
Viewing the ArcSight ESM 5.0 Data
  • Using Active Channels
  • Using Filters
  • Using Variables
  • Using Dashboards & Data Monitors
  • Using Event Graphs
  • Using Custom View Dashboards
ArcSight SIEM Rules & Lists
  • ESM Rules Basics
  • Using Lists
ArcSight ESM Reports & Query Viewers
  • Overview  of the SIEM Reports
  • Building Reports
  • ArcSight Query Viewers
ArcSight ESM Network Model
  • ArcSight Network & Asset Model
  • Network Model Wizard

Arcsight siem Training Overview:

  • The Arcsight siem Training on SIEM technology is in very high of demand. It is a greatest growing sub-section of a security segment with the increasing rate of a 21% a year.
  • According to an business research from firm Frost & Sullivan, as threats turn out to be more severe and composite by 2015, the demand for event management & a security information tools will increase to more than a $1 billion internationally.
  • Studies illustrate that SIEM will come out as an conventional solution as enterprises of struggle to achieve visibility across the endpoints, network, applications, and internal servers.
  • They will be walk through an ArcSight ESM workflow, where security and events are been isolated, documented, escalated, & resolved.
  • Through a scenario-based on a examples they will be discover how to tailor standard of ArcSight ESM of content to acquire, search, & then correlate actionable event data; and also perform remedial activities such as the incident analysis, stakeholder notification, and a reporting security conditions within the network environment

Objectives of ArcSight siem training:

  • Comprehend Intrusion Tolerance, Prevention and Detection
  • Comprehend characteristics of a Robust SIEM
  • Install Alien Vault SIEM
  • Use Web Interface
  • Configure Sensor, Server, and Logger
  • Configure Network Inventory
  • Configure Vulnerability Scanning
  • Configure Signature Updates
  • Configure Tickets
  • Prologue to Cyberoam UTM
  • Install and configure Cyberoam
  • Monitor Security  and Logs with Cyberoam
  • Report analysis of Cyberoam