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Arcsight training

Arcsight Training Introduction:

ArcSight Training is an product designed for the security information & event management (SIEM). Delegates will explore an ArcSight Console, ArcSight Command of Center, & ArcSight Web user interfaces used to monitor security events, configure ESM, & also manage users and network intelligence . If anything malicious is detected, the product acts accordingly by generating the alerts to security administrators or initiating the automated response to stop the malicious activity. The ArcSight Training offers all the basic security capabilities. In addition, it supports the use of third-party threat intelligence feeds from vendors such as the Norse to improve the accuracy of threat detection. The other additional security capabilities, such as network forensics features & the supplementation of existing host logging features, are not available through the HPE’s ArcSight . 

hp ArcSight online course Content

Introduction to the ArcSight ESM
  • ArcSight ESM Overview
  • ArcSight ESM Event Schema/Network Model
  • Lifecycle of an Event in ArcSight ESM
  • ArcSight ESM Workflow
  • ESM Reference Resources
Introduction to the ArcSight ESM Console Interface
  • Using the ESM 5.0 Console
  • Using ArcSight Web
Viewing the ArcSight ESM 5.0 Data
  • Using the Active Channels
  • Using Filters
  • Using Variables
  • Using Dashboards & Data Monitors
  • Using Event Graphs
  • Using Custom View Dashboards
ArcSight ESM Rules & Lists
  • ESM Rules Basics
  • Using Lists
ArcSight ESM Reports & Query Viewers
  • ESM Reports Overview
  • Building Reports
  • ArcSight Query Viewers
ArcSight ESM Network Model
  • ArcSight Network & Asset Model
  • Network Model Wizard
Building Active Rules (Virtual Classroom)
  • Building Active Rules

ArcSight esm:

  • ArcSight training is committed to working with & a educating top security & a compliance experts around the globe to protect their organizations & also stay one step to ahead of cyber-criminals of ArcSight.ArcSight training is an extension of the company’s holistic approach to providing a knowledge & a skills to its global customer base.
  • Together with ArcSight expertise and product of  documentation, an thriving user community, & a rich Support Knowledge Base, ArcSight training provides customers with an full spectrum of formal learning and efficient knowledge delivery for the job-roles involved in the enterprise security.

ArcSight SIEM: 

  • hp ArcSight online course  gives SIEM ( Security Information and Event Management) is an most emerging Information of Security field where each organization is  a bound to comply with many  of a compliance policies &  also to make sure of a organizations important to the assest and people are protected from the  external & a internal threats.
  • Arcsight ESM( No.1 in SEM/SIEM Category) provides the most comprehensive solution to take care of both Compliance & security monitoring in an effective & a centrally managable.

ArcSight Training Overview :

  • This ArcSight training aims to provide you with a necessary skills to deploy,manage and perform daily Security Operations on the Arcsight ESM Suite. You will play an hands-on role in the building an fully functional Arcsight ESM
  • Your ability to understand the  concepts around using and working with the Arcsight ESM 4.5 Family products & intigrate different end device logs to the central of ESM Server.
  • ArcSight training  Creation of different Active of  Channels , Dashboards, Reports & Rules. And also creating the full ticketing system with in ESM along with using all functions of the product.

What you Will Learn :

  • hp ArcSight online course gives How to Assess & to Understand Arcsight SIEM Deplyment in the Big / SME Enterprise.
  • How to do the Arcsight ESM 4.5+ Administration and End device Log integration.
  • Protect the IT Infrastructure with the Arcsight ESM Capabilities.
  • Map IT Infra environment of a Vulnerability / Threat vectors.
  • Implement an advanced Filters,Active Channels, Rules,Reports,DashBoards,  & Cases.
  • Troubleshoot & resolve basic issues encountered during Daily Operation.
  • Converting 0-Day Vulnerabilities into the Proactive Rules & a DashBoards.
  • Implementing defenses to catch internal threats and Security Incidents.