Articulate Presenter Training

Artuculate presenter training

Introduction To Articular Presenter Training Course:

Register for Articulatr Presenter Training and Learn how to transform the PowerPoint slides into presentation based in an better and faster manner  than ever. Every element of the Articulate Player can be customized. With so many customization options, it is useful to have a way to save & quickly apply pre _configured player options. The player templates provides this ability. The Player Template Builder is an simple tool for creating & editing templates that customize the Articulate Player. Templates are pre _configured player options, which provide an quick & convenient way to apply an set of customizations to the Articulate Player. Templates are very useful in the  corporate settings that require standardization of the Articulate Player. More detailed information regarding these course can be obtained by enrolling yourself at Global Online Trainings by contacting the help desk.

Articulate Presenter Online Training Course Content

  • Articulate Presenter
  • Articulate Quiz maker
  • Articulate Engage
  • A Topical Approach to Course Design
  • Presenter Notes & Animations
Recording & Inserting Audio
  • Recording Slide Narration
  • Synchronizing Animation Timings
  • Importing Audio
  • Using the Audio Editor
  • Adding Annotations
Creating Engage Interactions
  • Creating Effective Interactions
  • Choosing the Right Engage Interaction
Create and Insert Quizmaker Quizzes
  • Using the 3 Types of Learning Games
  • Creating Effective Quizmaker Quizzes
  • Creating Effective Quizmaker Survey Questions Customizing Feedback Messages
  • Choosing the Right Question Type
  • Scoring and Reporting Quiz Results
  • Integration with Articulate Presenter
  • Publishing Quizmaker Quizzes and Surveys
Adding Flash Media
  • Embedding Flash Media
  • Setting Display Options
Inserting Web Objects & Attachments
  • Embedding Web Objects
  • Display and Size Options
  • Web Links and File Attachments
Setting the Presentation Options
  • Adding Logos,Presenters &Playlists
  • Adding Quality Settings and Preferences
  • Module 10: Player Templates
  • Layout , Navigation & Text Label Options
  • Player Controls
  • Setting and Editing Color Schemes
  • Browser Settings
Using Slide Properties
  • Changing Slide Titles
  • Understanding Course Levels
  • Hiding Slides
  • Branching and Locking Slides
  • Slide View & Navigation Options
  • Selecting & Audio Playlists Presenters
Publishing Options
  • Web Delivery
  • LMS
  • CD Delivery
  • Articulate Online
  • Word Document (Storyboard and Presenter Notes)
  • Podcast