AS/400 Administration Training

as400 administration training

Introduction to AS400 Administration Training:

AS400 Administration training at GOT – IBM launched this AS400, It has evolved from the earlier system 36,38 family of computers. Over the years the AS400 has been enhanced to support the latest technologies such as Symmetric Multiprocessing, RISC technology and the Power PC architecture. The AS400 system supports true 64-bit technology, not only the hardware and system software 64-bit because all the applications run on AS400 run on 64-bit applications. Global online trainings is best in providing AS400 online training by industry experts at flexible timings.

AS400 online training Course Content

as400 adminstration training course content

Overview of AS400 Administration Training:

  • The AS400 was only one of the fast systems to be declared as year 2000 safe. This is applicable to all systems that run version3 release1 or a later version of the operating system. Some of the basic features of the AS400 are Integration, Low cost of ownership, Ease to use, Application support. Unique feature of the AS400 is the integration of DB2/400 and integrated database in to the operating system.
  • The typical AS400 installation will have an AS400 connected such as personal computers, workstations, printers, tape units, CD ROM, Remote controllers, etc.
  • One of the workstations is normally kept approximately to the AS400. The system up grader that is the person responsible for the smooth functioning of the day to day activities on the system will normally use the council.
  • The system upgrader performs such task as power on and power off the system, managing the various jobs on the system, Monitoring and responding to the messages coming from various sources on the system, manage all the spooling jobs on the system, maintaining regular backups of the system, Analyzing and reporting any problems that arise on the system.

Learn Working with Objects in AS400 Administration Training:                                    OVERVIEW OF AS400 ADMINISTRATION TRAINING

  • Let us look at the software support available for the AS400 system, as we mentioned earlier the OS for the AS400 is called the OS/400. The OS/400 actually contains the part of the OS that is independent of the AS400 architecture. We are best in providing AS400 Administration Training with live projects by experts.
  • The portion of the OS that is hardware dependent is contained in the licensed internal code. The OS provides support for work management, device management, data management, security, message handling, System operator services, communications, Save and restore functions etc.
  • The AS400 supports number of programming languages such as COBOL/400, RPG/400, C/400, ILE/RPG, ILE COBOL, ILE C, Visual RPG, Visual COBOL, etc. The AS400e series also includes the integration of Java and Lotus notes on the IBM AS400 training. There are also available utilities such as the application development tool set or ADTS400 that provides support for developing applications.
  • The various components on the ADTS can be used to write programs, design display screens and menus, design report formats and generate prototypes etc.
  • IBM as well as large number of independent software vendors provide Application support on the AS400. There are more than 28,000 applications available on the AS400. IBM provides a number of applications in the fields of system management, Networking and Database support.
  • Any software that is provided as a separate product is referring to as a License programs. The AS400 command, GO LICPGM can be used to determine the licensed programs currently installed on the system.
Learn Data Queues in AS400 Administration training:
  • By using the Data Queue we can just give the information or can take the information in a particular sequence. So this can be used for communicating between the different programs basically. One program will be keep on inputting some details and other programs may be needed to fetch the details in a particular order.
  • We can create data queue using Create Data queue command. Once you create, then you can use QSENDDTAQ and QRCVDTAQ API’s to send and receive data from the Data Queue.
  • QSNDDTAQ basically contains 4 parameters that is data queue name, name of the library, length of the data, Data. Global online trainings is best in providing AS400 Administration Training by real time experts from India.
  • IF you are using AS400 5.5 and above, using this we can create any web application that we want and also we can make AS400 training web services based on REST and SOAP UI, with the use of this Apache web server.
  • First we have to check whether HTTP server is running or not so here we can see substance is already running. Suppose if it is not running then you have to use start TCP command with HTTP admin using this command you can start HTTP server.
  • Now the server is already running, now we are going to start Apache webserver. For starting Apache web servers you can use command STRTTCPSVR and if you click enter you can see the server is now started. Once this is started you can go to your Browser and give your AS400 IP and now this will give your webpage. This is actually index page of Apache web server. So this is actually coming from the AS400 server.
  • So this means that whatever the html page we put in directly that can be accessed via the AS400 IP. In config folder httpd.conf is one of the important file. So this is actually holding the configuration of the Apache webserver. So here you can see we are allowing all the documents from htdocs folder and the default port is 80.
  • If you want to add the custom path or if you want to have your own html files in to separate directory and I want to access that using the Apache web server then we need to put an alias statement stating if the URL contains my docs then you have to look the file from this directory and I am allowing all the files from that directory accessed.
  • In order to see if it is working or not we need to restart the Apex servers because we have changed the configuration file. So you can restart, now we need to have some file in this directory to be accessed.

Conclusion of AS400 Administration training:

Want to know the best part? With over 500, 25000 installations worldwide, the AS400 has over the years become the most popular business computing. The AS400 is supported by over 28000 applications developed by both IBM as well as independent software vendors. Global online trainings is best in providing AS400 Training by real time experts at flexible timings. So what are you waiting for? Join in Global online trainings for best IBM AS400 online Training. Hurry UP!! For more information please do contact our help desk.

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