AS400 Training

AS400 Training

Introduction To AS400 Training:

AS400 Training at Global Online Trainings-AS400 is a Mindrange server ,designed mainly for Banking and Insurance Applications.AS is an acronym  for Application system. It is currently called as IBM I and is still considered stable because of its HIGH secure nature. As till date, it is not hacked by any expert.Its interface with Java and other High level languages has increased the demand in the market.All this could be possible because of introduction of ILE in IBM AS400 Corporate training.


Global online trainings will provide the best IBM I Series AS400 online training and global online trainings and will also provide online trainings in week days or weekends for the students based on their demand.

Prerequisites of AS400 training:

  • Any student who has good interest to apply logic can learn AS400.
  • AS400 is very interesting, all one needs is Interest to code and apply logic.

AS400 training course content

AS400 training course content

Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. Global online trainings offers best AS400 Training with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

Features of AS400 training:

Technology independent interface:

Do I have your attention here?The AS400 architecture has been designed to keep the applications independent of the underlying hardware. This is achieved     through an interface known as a technology machine interface or MI. The hardware along with all the operating system components that are dependent on the hardware lie below the MI. All applications and parts of the operating system that are independent of the hardware lie above the MI.We provide corporate training for AS400 training by industry experts.

The paths of the operating system lying below the machine interface are referred to as licensed internal code. The part above the MI is called the OS/400. The significance of this technology independence is that when we use upgrades to 64-bit technology ,Both the operating system as well as all applications becomes 64-bit software. The applications do not have to be rewritten to take care of the 64-bit technology.


A high level of integration:                                                                                                                                                          AS400 Training

Perhaps the most important feature of the AS400  is that it is totally integrated system. On most computer systems the most various components such as the database,security,communications or different components that are developed separately and have to be configured to work together. The AS400 on the other hand has a totally integrated system which includes all the various components such as the database, security,communications etc.

The advantage of this is that all the components have been optimized to work together. The customer does not have to be concerned with the intricacies involved in making them to work together.                                                                                                                                                           

Object Orientation:

The AS400 has an object-based architecture almost every named entity on the AS400  is an object. You have libraries, files,programs,commands,user profiles,job descriptions,subsystems,job queues,message queues and output queues. All objects are encapsulated that is they are protected by an interface that identifies the objects and also specifies the operations that can be performed on the object.Both the AS400 as well as applications relate to the object through this interface.


An integrated relational database management system:

DB2/400,the relational database for the AS400 admin is totally integrated with the AS400 operating system.DB2/400 lies partly inthe OS/400 and  partly below the machine interface that is in the licensed internal code.

This is unlike other conventional database products that sit as separate components on top of an operating system. Because of this integration the DB2 400 database achieves a much higher level of efficiency than one built on top of an operating system.We provide good knowledge on  As400 training by best best professionals in the industry.

DB2 400 is also very tightly integrated with the other system components with which it communicates.We provide certifications for DB2 training by senior consultants at an affordable price.


Single-level storage:

All the storage on the AS400 training is treated as one large address space. On CISC machines we have 48 bit addresses and an address space of 256 terabytes. On RISC machine we have 64 bit addresses and an address space of 1844670 terabytes. The single level storage is not visible above the machine interface. Both applications as well as OS400 referenced the objects by name only in AS400 training.We also provide online training for  As400 training by real time experts at flexible timings.

Let us take the closer look at objects. As we mentioned earlier, the AS400 training as an object-based architecture. All objects on the AS400 are encapsulated within an interface that identifies the object as well as the operations that can be performed on the object. The object type identifies the purpose of the object and how it can be used on the system.

The integrated file system allows any client to look at a file stored in the AS400 admin as if it were part of its own file system. To a UNIX client it will look like a UNIX  file system. To a PC clients it will look like a PC file system. Both clients will be looking at the same data of which there need be only a single copy in AS400 admin.


Basics of AS400 Training:

During 1969 IBM systems called as system 3 and then during 1988 system32 and 34 were combined to form a system called application system 400 otherwise called as AS400 and then exponent as a world with latest technology and after being named as AI series now it’s called as IBM system or IBM I from 2008.Our consultants are highly skilled at  As400 training.

In IBM I Series AS400 online training below are some key  technology  update happened along with IBM I. So we can see from 2004 IBM is introduced with Apache web server and then from 2007  MySQL  and IBM joint to bring support for the MySQL open source database and DB2 for I as a certified MySQL storage engine.From 2011 IBM and Zend technologies joined for PHP training in IBM I.

From 2013 IBM I starts supporting Ruby programming and Ruby on Rails framework and from 2014 Node JS training and Python joins the party. In 2017 we mention this as a AS400 server and  then we are talking about the server which was there in 1988 but absolutely we are doing more than that in AS400 training.


Overview of AS400 training:
  • The AS400 training supports more than 80 object types. Some of the more familiar object types are libraries,files,programs,commands and user profiles. There are also other object types which may not be so familiar such as job descriptions,subsystems,job queues,message queues and output queues. The object type is assigned automatically by the system when you create the object.
  • The object type is determined in AS400 training by the command that was used to create the object in As400 training. For example, the command create user profile will create an object whose type is star user profile.Some operations can be performed on  only a  particular type of object.
  • In IBM I Series AS400 online training,For example the display library command  can be used only with libraries. There are also some operations that can be performed on any type of object. The display object description command can be used on any type of object. Whenever an object is created it is placed in a library. We also provide the online learning for IBM AS400 Training from our real time experts.
  • Libraries provide a very efficient method to organise objects in to groups. A library on the AS400 is an object which is of the type *LIB it is used to locate other objects on the system and can be compared to the directories found on PC’s and the Unix operating system. The AS400 library differs from these directories. In that, it has a single level hierarchy as compared to the multilevel hierarchy followed by the PC and UNIX systems. What this means is that the library on the AS400 training cannot contain another library but can only contain other objects in IBM AS400 Corporate training.
  • However, there is an exception, the QSYS library is a special library that can reference other libraries. Some AS400 objects such as user profiles can only be located in the QSYS library. An object is uniquely identified by a combination of object name, library name and object type in AS400 training.
  • Hence two objects in the same library can have the same name provided they are not of the same type. To access an object we have to specify both the object name as well as the library in which the object exists. This is called a qualified name for an object. We can also supply only the object name and tell the system to search a set of libraries to locate the object in AS400 training.
  • This is achieved through the use of library lists. A library list is an AS400 object that defines a path of libraries. Each job as its own library list. Whenever user needs to access some object and does not specify the library in which to locate it. The system will search for the object in the library specified on the library list.
  • In AS400 training,It starts with the first library on the list and stops when it encounters an object of the specified name. Any objects with the same name that are located in libraries further down the library list will be ignored. To access these objects you will have to use a qualified name .
  • Hence in As400 training you should always take care to ensure that the libraries on the library list are in the proper order. The library list consists of four parts, the first part consists of the system libraries that contain up to 15 libraries that are needed by the AS400 developer.
  • The system value chooses LIBL, defines the libraries that are to be placed in this part of the list. The second part consists of the product libraries and lists the libraries required by various products such as QRPG required by RPG/400. The third part of the library list is the current library. This identifies the library into which new objects created by the job are to be placed.
  • Now in As400 training,Let us move on to the integrated file system, Imagine a PC file system, a unique file system and the OS/400 library system all combined to form a single structure, that is exactly what the integrated file system on the AS400 developer is. It supports an hierarchical structure and provides a common interface to all AS400 objects, documents and stream files.
  • Stream files can store long strings of data such as the text of a document,images,audio and video. Let us look at the different file systems, the integrated file system has a common root node. The QSYS library that provides access to the original library structure for AS400 objects and QDLS for the shared folders for AS400 office and PC clients are included under the single root node in As400 training.
  • Six other file systems have been included as part of the integrated file system. Qopensys is a full PO six compliant unix file system. Q LAN SRV is a file system for LAN server clients and is available only when LAN server400 has been installed on the system,Qfilesrv400 provides connection to remote file systems.QPWXCWN  is for windows clients.
  • QOPT is a file system for supporting optical data servers and finally you have a user-defined file system. The naming convention used for the integrated file system is based on the PC standard in IBM AS400 Corporate training.
Debugging submitted jobs on AS400:
  • How to debug a program on the AS400 that has been submitted to run as a batch process via a job queue? For AS400 developers debugging an interactive job consists simply of starting debug with the strdbg command, adding breakpoints and invoking the program. A few extra steps are necessary in order to debug a program submitted to run a batch.
  • The first step is to identify the job queue that your job will be submitted. Next, open two sessions on the IBM which we refer to as session1 and session 2. On session 1 will hold the job queue that our job will run in. Are you interested in learning advance topics on this course; We are rich in providing AS400 Training by industry experts at flexible timings

Do I have your attention ? Use the work job queue command select option 3 to hold the queue. Next, submit your job that will be accomplished by invoking our custom program. Now press the refresh button which will show that the job is arrived on the queue. Now hold the submit job and release the job queue. Select option 5 to look at the queue, hold the job then go back and release the job queue so that other users  have it available. Now we want to retain the job information for user start service job command. Do that by looking at the job than simply edit copy the job user and the job number.


How to change AS400 user profile output queue?

Login as a As400 admin, In the system administration menu you can find ouput queue management option get into the submenu and type username to change, you can search user without manually typing. Now change the action ladder scene to C for modify the future after hit enter you can see currently allocated printer sessions for current user. I have some printer session details for this user in a text file so open the text file and change. Remember,  to change both output queue and request queue in same time. Are you passionate in doing certifications? We provide AS400 Certification Training by real time experts at an affordable price.


Conclusion of As400 Training:

In As400 training,The current library is always placed after the product libraries. Hence this is always the first user library that will be searched when an object is requested. The last part of the library list will contain the libraries required by the user. Some IBM supplied libraries will also be included in this part such as QTEMP which is the temporary library created for each job when it is started. QGPL which is a general purpose library, when we do not include a current library on the library list, all newly created objects will be placed in the QGPL library. Global online trainings mainly focus on giving real time scenarios to students.Trust me, you have not seen this before,We make students understand the concepts and slowly enhance them to build bigger programs.


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