aspnet training training Course Content

Defining Types
  • Overview of the .NET Framework
  • Essential concepts for Types in .NET
  • Classes, objects, and Arrays
  • Value Types
  • Nullable Types
Defining Members
  • Parameters
  • Construction & Destruction
  • Properties
Inheritance and Interfaces
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Object Disposal
  • Additional Interface Techniques
  • Getting started with Generic
  • Generic Struts, Delegates, Interfaces
  • Generic Methods
Using .NET Framework APIs
  • Exception Handling
  • Collections
  • Regular Expressions
Introduction to ASP.NET
  • Creating ASP.NET Web Sites
  • Creating ASP.NET Web Applications
Using ASP.NET Controls
  • Using HTML Controls
  • Using Web Controls
  • Understanding Post-Backs
Page Processing
  • Understanding the Page Lifecyle
  • Automatic Post-Backs
  • Putting it into practice
State Management
  • Session Stat
  • Cookies
  • Putting it into practice
Application Management
  • Application State
  • Application Settings
  • Defining Error Pages
  • Putting it into practice
Data Binding
  • Single-value Data Binding
  • Repeated-value Data Binding
  • SQL Data Source Binding
  • XML Data Source Binding
Rich Data Controls
  • Using GridView with a database
  • Creating an editable GridView
  • Using a GridView with Objects
  • Additional Techniques
Using LINQ in Web Applications
  • Getting started with LINQ to SQL
  • Defining relations
  • Using LINQ in ASP.NET
The ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Introduction to the Entity Framework
  • Creating a simple entity data model
  • Querying entities
  • Dynamic Data Entities Web applications
User Controls
  • The theory of user controls
  • Putting it into practice
Custom Server Controls
  • Getting started with Server Controls
  • Defining a simple Server Control
  • Additional Server Control techniques
  • Working with input controls
Using jQuery with ASP.NET
  • Getting familiar with jQuery
  • Using jQuery with AJAX
Deploying ASP.NET Web Applications to IIS
  • IIS Architecture
  • Using IIS7
  • Visual Studio Deployment
Overview of ASP.NET MVC 4
  • Overview of ASP.NET MVC 4
Creating RESTful Web Services using Web API
  • Overview of RESTful Services
  • Getting started with the Web API
Additional topics - time allowing / on-site custom ASP.NET training
  • Designing and Implementing ASP.NET Security
  • ADO.NET Connected Data Access
  • ADO.NET Disconnected Data Access
  • XML Processing