atg web commerce Training

Atg Web Commerce Online Training

Introduction ATG Web Commerce Training Course:

The Oracle ATG is an E-commerce Software solutions enable by the organizations to deliver the cohesive online customer experience. It is unified cross channel commerce & customer relationship management platform efficiently providing sophisticated merchandise, personalized search & customized marketing programs. Tools need to manage omni-channel experiences & increase agility.   The Oracle ATG Web Commerce provides an open, server-side environment for building as well as deploying the dynamic, personalized applications for the web & other communication channels, such as email & wireless devices. It has hit-on address of all complexity form scalability perspective, virtue with social solutions & personalisation capabilities building within the platform would be deliver in one app. 

Developing the Component Classes
  • Creating custom component classes
  • Integrating custom components into Nucleus
  • Using application logging facilities in component class
The Repository API
  • Repository API overview
  • Retrieving repository items within the Java code
  • Mutable repositories
  • Updating and creating items
  • Querying a repository
  • Named queries
Custom Form Handlers
  • Sub-classing the ATG Repository Form Handler
  • Creating custom form handlers based on ATG Generic Form Handler
  • Form errors and Form handler scope
Managing Transactions
  • Java Transaction API (JTA)
  • Transaction completion
  • Transaction demarcation
  • Transaction Debugging
Complex Repository Configuration
  • One-to-many relationships
  • Many-to-many relat
  • Composite repositories
SQL Repository Configuration
  • Custom property types
  • Property descriptor objects
  • SQL content repositories
Derived Properties
  • Deriving property values
  • Property derivations & organizations
  • Overriding property derivation
Repository Caching
  • Caching architecture
  • Item caching and Repository queries
  • Cache modes
  • Cache invalidation
  • Viewing cache usage
  • Cache loading
Custom Droplets
  • ATG Servlet Beans review
  • Writing the custom servlet bean classes
  • Embedding a custom droplet in a page
  • Accessing input parameters
  • Settingup output parameters
  • Rendering open parameters