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Atlassian JIRA Online Training

Introduction To Atlassian JIRA Training Course:

The Atlassian JIRA Training course provides the ideal jump-start for your team to use JIRA in an more effective way. The material covers all the features of the product from an end-user’s perspective, & provides an solid foundation for users with all levels of experience, since it explains the most effective ways to use the JIRA & some handy tips for getting the most value out of the software.The participants from this live session will become proficient with creating issues, using the workflow, assigning issues to other users, attachments, bulk-operations, linking-issues, searching for the issues, saving the searches for later use & setting up an personal dashboard. Atlassian JIRA Online Training course is designed to make you an expert in working with Atlassian JIRA . Our Industry Experts professional have more experience in working with Atlassian JIRA , & will ensure that you get trained & become expert in Atlassian JIRA.

Introduction to JIRA
Installing & configuring JIRA
Reviewing reports and issues
Understanding the JIRA workflow
Managing roles and users
Cloning, linking & moving issues
Searching JIRA
Personalizing the dashboard and user profiles
Generating reports
Customizing workflow
Using JIRA add-ons
Making JIRA agile