Atlassian JIRA Training

Atlassian JIRA Training

Introduction of Atlassian JIRA Training:

Atlassian JIRA Training by Global Online Trainings provides the information about JIRA that is a software product developed by Atlassian Company to make the business process easy. The JIRA software provides the full visibility into the project which is beneficial for prioritizing, assigning and tracking the work in real time. It ensures that you never have to wonder who is on it or when will it be done. Atlassian JIRA 7.x and 8.x Online Training provides a project management tool which is used for managing test cases, defects and projects, and getting the report out of JIRA. The JIRA software is used for development of much industry-specific software along with the latest release requirements. Atlassian JIRA Training gives the ability to customize the workflows to control who can do what within the workflows to capture a number of different matrices as some entity moves through its life-cycle and gives the report of that. We provide best Atlassian JIRA Tutorial with Certification from India by expert trainers.

Prerequisites for Atlassian JIRA Training:

  • Should be Familiar with Confluence and crowd.
  • Having Knowledge of Bitbucket and bamboo.

Online Atlassian JIRA Tutorial course details:

Course Name: Atlassian JIRA Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training, Classroom Training at client location and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

Course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 10 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


Atlassian JIRA Online Training Course Content

Introduction to JIRA
Installing & configuring JIRA
Reviewing reports and issues
Understanding the JIRA workflow
Managing roles and users
Cloning, linking & moving issues
Searching JIRA
Personalizing the dashboard and user profiles
Generating reports
Customizing workflow
Using JIRA add-ons
Making JIRA agile

Overview of Atlassian JIRA Training: 

Atlassian JIRA Training has a tool to manage your tasks, projects and to help you with your software development workflow. The main concepts of JIRA are Issues, Projects, Components, and Workflows.

  • Atlassian JIRA Tutorial project is basically the combination of a series of issues and any issue that you will create must relate to the project. Every project should be created with the proper name and unique key because they will act as an identifier for that project.Atlassain JIRA Training Overview
  • The key is very important in Atlassian JIRA Training because once you create it then it cannot be changed. So that when you create an issue then the key will be appended to each issue as its prefix.
  • An issue is an instance of a project or it is the basic block to start any project. An issue can represent many things.
  • Based upon the use of JIRA an issue will be used and define anything such as a bug or error in the software task in a project, a helpdesk to get a product improvement feedback or a request from a client.
  • So it is the basic block that you can start using in Atlassian JIRA Tutorial with corporate training videos and course materials. In some companies, it also called as a ticket so an issue might also be referred to as a JIRA ticket in Atlassian JIRA 7.x Online Training with corporate training videos and course materials. Enroll for Best Atlassian JIRA Training by industry experts with industry latest updates.


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So, do you want to learn Features of Atlassian JIRA Training?

Look, In this page you will get the information about Features of Atlassian JIRA Training,

Features of Atlassian JIRA Training:

The Atlassian JIRA comprises of many features which are:

  • The agile team uses JIRA software as a tool for software development and so many users are using it for planning, tracking and releasing their specific software.
  • Atlassian JIRA Training also helps to track deliverables and it has reporting features for letting you know that what work is assigned to you along with tracking the time period.
  • The components are the sub-modules of the project in Atlassian JIRA Training so when you create a project you can create its components such as UI, server etc which will be useful for the issues to be grouped more logically and into smaller sub-modules.
  • A workflow is basically the combination of steps and their status which is a way of traveling for the issues in its lifecycle. It usually represents the status of the task of any business process. JIRA does come up with the default organization but you can change and customize it as per your organization needs.
  • Global Online Trainings also provide GIT training along with Atlassian JIRA Training to understand that the combination of JIRA and Git make a great set. There is a plug-in for the JIRA tracking system that works with GIT. In order to perform JIRA integration with GIT, the JIRA plug-in scans commits and pull requests orchestrated on Git and creates relevant metadata and hyperlinks in any mentioned JIRA issues. We also provide Atlassian JIRA Tutorial with certification, corporate training, videos and course materials.

You know, in this I can explain the information about the how Atlassian JIRA Workflow.

Atlassian JIRA Training Workflow:

The JIRA is a workflow engine and has a capability of creating a number of workflows as well as assigning one workflow to one project and different workflows for each issue type. Atlassian JIRA leverages the state machine model for describing its workflows and this model is commonly used by computer scientists, mathematicians, engineers and others to model processes from low-level software protocols to human-machine interactions.

  • A workflow is just a state diagram and when you create a workflow diagram then the two things will be considered which are the status and the transition.
  • The status is stepping through which the issue will go through and it is the core of a workflow. The state could be new, open, in progress, fixed, and closed and acceptance testing etc. The status describes where a workflow item is in its lifecycle.
  • The transition in Atlassian JIRA Training is a kind of an action that is needed to perform to go from one status to another status. For example, if you are in a status called open and you want to go in a status called in progress then the transition would say that start development so the start development is an action that helps you reach to the next status.
  • When you are designing a workflow the important thing is ensuring that each of these steps in the workflow should have some meaning in Atlassian JIRA 7.x Online Training with corporate training videos and course materials.
  • State machine describes the process with the limited set of states in Atlassian JIRA Training so a workflow item can only be in one state at any given time and after that from a state, an item can progress to another state via a transition.
  • The Jenkins Training by Global Online Trainings will help you to integrate JIRA with Jenkins and also help for customizing both the services so they could work together. The user can also automate the process of issue tracking or can lift up the ticket for DevOps with the help of JIRA and Jenkins. Register for Best Atlassian JIRA Tutorial with Atlassian JIRA Software, Agile, Admin Training


Atlassian JIRA Training Service Desk:

The JIRA software introduced its new feature which is the customer portal comes from the service desk. This is a self-service portal for the customers and it will probably be used by non-IT users to submit tickets.

  • The JIRA service desk tool was developed with actual customer feedback and it is good for organizations in several different aspects of IT service management.
  • It is also good for organizations with established service desk looking to streamline tool functionality and great for those looking to implement ITIL or ITSM.
  • The ITIL based service desk is the single point of contact and handles all intake, triage, record keeping and monitoring of all issues through to completion by Atlassian JIRA 7.x Online Training with corporate training videos and course materials.
  • The service desk really has a time component to its ownership in order to make sure that the company is providing services at the agreed upon rate, issues need to be resolved based on contractual obligations.
  • The Atlassian JIRA Training explains that the service desk in the ITIL is part of the service operation phase that includes event, request incident, and problem management. The tunneling activity of service desk is that it provides consistency, execution, expectation management and availability.
  • The service desk moves quickly and thoroughly handle all intake and triage of such issues and records that relevant information to allow for appropriate routing and to provide the information necessary for colleagues to be able to handle the issue.
  • The consistency provides two major reasons which are being user experience with Atlassian JIRA Training. Consistent interaction and experience will keep your customers coming back. Typically interaction of Atlassian JIRA 7.x Online Training with corporate training videos and course materials includes requests for information, status update, administrative work, password, resets or user account creation, reporting of malfunctions or outages etc.
  • In terms of outage service, the service desk handles the coordination associated with outage service so if the production systems ever went down then the service desk will actually on point to rally the troops so to speak and necessary people on board.
  • The service desk of Atlassian JIRA tutorial is an active role that helps to ensure that consistency of process execution having accurate data records which means that your reporting is going to be accurate so it will give consistent information when passing tickets to multiple tiers and colleagues. Best real-time Atlassian JIRA Online Training course with from India.


How to create test cycles and add test cases to different test cycles?

In order to create the test cycle the first step is to select the project for which you are creating the test cycle. So suppose we creating the test cycle for test management pro V1. We will next select this project here then you need to click on test cycle link here below the overview tab.

If you want to learn in detail about Atlassian JIRA (Service Desk, and How to create test cycles and add test cases to different test cycles) join us at Global Online Training. Enroll for best Atlassian JIRA Online Training, JIRA Software Training and corporate training from India.


Conclusion of Atlassian JIRA Tutorial:

Global Online Trainings is offering Atlassian JIRA online and corporate training along with related courses at student flexible hours with latest updates. We also provide individual batches for corporate training and along with job support. We provide best online training with classroom training at client location in Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. Our team will be available on 24/7 online support. For more information register in our website and along with you get free demo session. Our team will be solving any problem like timings, server, trainer, and etc.


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