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Introduction To AutoCAD Training Course:

The AutoCAD in short Stands for Computer Aided Drafting. This course is designed so that the commands &  instructions should work on almost any version of  the AutoCAD, although this version is designed specifically for the AutoCAD 2016 & will work with older versions. By the end of the training the participant will have the skills to develop basic 2D drawings & print them out to scale. The participants will also discover the capabilities such as 2D line drawing, 3D construction ,Rendering etc .The AutoCAD applies to an wide range of programs that allow the user to created drawings, plans, & designs electronically. Enroll with Global Online Trainings for best live,  interactive and informative sessions by joing for AutoCAD Training . The sessions are rendered by by expert consultants. Contact our help desk for more information about the course.

autocad online Course Content

Taking AutoCAD Tour
  • Navigating Working Environment
  • Working with Files
  • Displaying Objects
Creating Basic Drawings
  • Inputting Data
  • Creating the Basic Objects
  • Using the Object Snaps
  • Using Polar Tracking & PolarSnap
  • Using Object Snap Tracking
  • Working with the Units
Manipulating Objects
  • Selecting Objects in the Drawing
  • Changing an Object’s Position
  • Create the New Objects from Existing Objects
  • Changing Angle of an Object’s Position
  • Creating a Mirror Image of the Existing Objects
  • Creating Object Patterns
  • Changing an Object’s Size
Drawing Organisation & Inquiry Commands
  • Using Layers
  • Change the Object Properties
  • Matching the Object Properties
  • Using the Properties Palette
  • Using the Linetypes
  • Using Inquiry Commands
Altering Objects
  • Trimming & extending Objects to defined boundaries
  • Creating parallel & offset geometry
  • Join the objects
  • Breaking an object into two objects
  • Applying a Radius Corner to Two Objects
  • Creating an angled corner b/w two objects
  • Changing the part of an object’s shape
Working with Layouts
  • Using Layouts
  • Using Viewports
Annotating the Drawing
  • Create Multiline Text
  • Create Single Line Text
  • Using Text Styles
  • Editing Text
  • Create Dimensions
  • Using the Dimension Styles
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Using Multileaders
Objects Hatching
  • Hatching Objects
  • Editing the Hatch Objects
Working with Reusable Content
  • Using Blocks
  • Working with DesignCenter
  • Use Tool Palettes
Creating Additional Drawing Objects
  • Working with Polylines
  • Creating Splines
  • Creating Ellipses
  • Using the Tables
Plotting Your Drawings
  • Using Page Setups
  • Plotting Drawings
Creating Drawing Templates
  • Using the Drawing Templates