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Automation Anywhere Training

Automation Anywhere Introduction:

Automation Anywhere is an application that allows the companies or to organizations to automate the processes which are been organized by a humans. Means in the any company human of a employees will do all a tasks like communications, data manipulation, customer management and the responses et cetera, RPA enables you these all of a  processes can done by using the Robotic Process Automation tools. By using RPA an company can be decrease the total cost of a project. Global Online Trainings is providing best Automation Anywhere training, for details about Automation Anywhere course call our help desk today

Automation Anywhere online course content:

1.Introduction to Automation Anywhere
  • Architecture
  • Introduction to Product Architecture
  • Task Bots and its usages
  • Meta Bots and its usages
  • Learn IQ Bots
3.Integrate PDF
  • Usage of If/else command
  • Datanse and AA
  • Email Automation in AA
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Commans in PGP
5.Adding MetaBot
  • Recordng Recordset
  • Various configurations inMetaBot Screens
  • Calibirations in MetaBotScreens  
2.DashBorad in Automation Anywhere
  • Task Bots
  • Recording the task.
  • Create Task
  • Task Editor and its usages
  • Features in Task Editor  
4.Implement Web services
  • MetaBot and its Usages
  • Overview
  • Creation of Metabot
  • Understand Designer in MetaBot 
6.Folders to MetBot
  • How to record in MetaBot
  • Logic Editor
  • Import and exprt MetaBot

Automation Anywhere Training Overview:

  • Automation Anywhere Training will save the time and then will solve a human mistakes. Automation Anywhere will increase the quality of the product or the services. It will be the next big thing in the technology, every big organization has to be use Automation Anywhere technology if they want to be simplify the project cost & maintenance.
  • These Automation Anywhere training robots or bots will give the end to end business processes for the organizations it will enable the virtual workflow through the automation process. Automation Anywhere is one of the best RPA tools, start your career in the RPA domain with an in-depth Automation Anywhere training from GOT
  • Robotic Automation is nothing but the automating the repetitive and the same tasks without any of a modifications in a way they are in done. It’s one of the hot skill at present.