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Introduction to Automation Testing Training:

Global Online Trainings Automation testing helps us to implement test suites with Automation tool is also called a Software testing technique. The purpose of Automation Testing is to automate the repetitive tasks which are not able to perform manually and With an Automation Testing tool; we can automate manual tasks which are very difficult to test manually. Automated testing uses scripted sequences and it is the ability to authenticate software functions properly and to meet the needs before releasing into production.

Global Online Trainings offer Best Automation Testing Training across the world. We have a team of certified professionals with Automation Testing tools. We are providing Automation Testing Training course materials and videos to reach more audience and also help you to learn Automation Testing easy. So, be ready to get started your career with Automation Testing.


What are the prerequisites to learn Automation Testing Training?

There are essential rules for beginners who want to learn Automation Testing efficiently. Every software development gives the first preference for “Quality Assurance”. Without Quality Assurance it is not possible to developing & testing website and mobile apps. There are manual and automation testing and if anybody looking towards this is a career opportunity, they need some prerequisites. They are

  • Basic knowledge on C, C++ and Java Programming
  • Minimum Knowledge of Automation Frameworks
  • Basic knowledge on HTML, CSS, XML and SQL
  • Knowledge of Python and Perl

These prerequisites are excellent technical skills to become a brilliant automation testing engineer.

Automation Testing online Training course outline

Course Name: Automation Testing Training

Mode of Training: We provide Online Training and Corporate Training for Automation Testing Online Course

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do We Provide Materials? Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the Automation Testing Training Materials will be provided.

Course Fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.

Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset

Automation Testing Online Training Course Content

Automation Testing Training

Overview of Automation Testing Training:

Automation software can enter test data into the system, compare expected and actual results, and generate detailed test reports. Test automation demands a significant investment of money and resources. Repeat development cycles require the same test suite to be repeated. Using the Test Automation Tool, this test suite can be recorded and replayed as needed. Once the test suite is automated, there is no need for human intervention. This improved ROI of test automation. The goal of automation is to reduce the number of test cases that need to be run manually and not eliminate manual testing altogether.      

What is Automation Testing?

Actually, Testing is a major significance part of the software development process. Each software development team tests the bugs before the product is delivered.  Test engineers always try to find them and clear them manually. But it is sad because those bugs often re-appear even though they are using the best Manual Testing Process while doing testing. So the Automation Testing is the best answer for all these. Where Automation Testing comes into play a key role reduces the QA test efforts and maximize efficiency.


Learn about Automation Testing Process in Automation Testing Training:Automated-Testing-Lifecycle-Methodology-(ATLM) (2)

When coming into Test automation, we believe that the Automation testing is the best method that helps us to increase the quality of products from the start of the development process. But when we actually start with automation testing, the time we understand that the automation testing engineers must face a lot of challenges.

They are

  • At what time we have to start automation testing?
  • You need to know that what should automate and What shouldn’t Automate
  • Which automation tool we should use for automation testing? means exactly the section of automation tool

Let me explain briefly one by one

At what time we have to start Automation:

There are many reasons to use automation. But here we will discuss all.

  • To increase the efficiency and speed
  • To improve the quality and make that cost-effective
  • Several times a test cycle is needed to repeat test cases
  • While there are many test cases under the test suite
  • When a specific order of test cases is needed to be performed
  • You have to run multiple exam cases simultaneously at the same time
  • When you need to test the same functionality with multiple data sets
  • While you need a detailed generation of reports
How to start Automation Testing: 

If you want to start with Automation Testing, you must be familiar with the selection of Automation Testing Tool. A basic fundamental monitoring group of a company will not be automated all the tests successfully. If you want completely test can move with Automation. For instance, you are new to automation testing you can start by removing a few percents of your tests from manual to automation. Having a very clear estimation regarding what should be done manual and what should not be done automated. Continuing these criteria to determine the scope of automation will help to better automate the automation in the lifetime and provide a good Return on Investment when starting the automated test from scratch.

There are different types of Automation Testing tools available in the market.  But choosing the correct Automation Testing tool for your organization is very difficult. It depends on multiple factors like,

  • Depends upon the domain of your application
  • Depends upon the Programming experience
  • Depends upon Open source or commercial
How to select the Automation tool: 

The selection of choosing the right automation tool is one of the biggest issues in the organization.  While you are going with Automation, first you have to identify the necessities, discover a different type of tools and its capabilities. Finally, have a clear prospect from the tool and go for a Proof of Concept.

Below are some points helping you to choose the right Automation Testing Tool. They are

  • Based on Environment Support
  • Simple to use
  • Database Testing
  • Based on the ability to easy object reorganization
  • Based on Image Testing and Object Mapping
  • Based on error recovery testing
  • Scripting Language of test scripts
  • Based on giving support for different testing frameworks and multiple devices like mobiles, different OS.
  • Based on debugging and logging capabilities of automation software scripts
  • Extensive test reports and customizing the results
  • Ability to minimize the training cost of selected tools

This is the brief information about the Automation Testing Process. If you want to know more attend the demo for Automation Testing at Global Online Trainings. Take Automation Testing training at Global Online Trainings and Grow Your Career Rapidly!


What we have to Automate in Automation Testing?

While you want to test anything first you have to find out the test that which one needs to automate and which one needs manual testing.

Here we clearly know that how to chose which tests require automation?

When you begin to automate the test, first you have to know the benefits of automation you can get by automaton effort and resource you invested in Test automation.


Below are the guidelines about what supposed to automate and what not supposed to automate?

Tests supposed to automate:

  • Actually, business expansion depends upon regular customers. But if any business difficulties can affect the customers and customers flow then the customers flow will be decreased automatically. So we consider it as great harm to the business expansion.
  • There are three tests available in automation testing. The first test is a smoke test, and the second test is a regression test finally the third test is a sanity test. Whenever we test the application, must run the application with tests such as the above three
  • We have to test an application with different configurations like multiple OS and multiple interfaces
  • The same workflow implements that do not use the same data for each of its inputs for each test run
  • Examining a huge amount of data, such as filling out large forms, are tested
  • Performance testing like high load tests and anxiety will be checked
  • Tests can take a long time to take place and can be done sometimes overnight
  • Tests to capture images to prove as an application as anticipated, or to test whether web pages appear to be the same in most web browsers

Tests not supposed to automate:

  • The automation has an ability to execute a large amount of data at a single run. So if you want any large amount of data the automation can easily run it and make sense it.
  • User experience tests for use (requires the user to respond to how easy the app is to use).
  • ASAP needs tests required. Generally, a new aspect that requests to be developed is to be manually tested since it requires quick feedback.
  • According to domain data Automation test needs ad hoc/ random testing.
  • Intermittent tests give result in more noise than predictable results. To get the best value from automation pass tests and produce predictable and credible results in producing fail conditions.
  • Visual Verification needs by the automation test while the manual testing for images helps us to feed the images while doing automation test.
  • While the visual diagnosis requires tests, however, we have a manual check of the images that capture page images during automatic testing.

Why Automation Testing?

Basically, there are two types of testing. One is Manual and the other is Automation. Manual Testing completely implemented by human who sitting in front of system or web. While automation is the software development technique, the main aim of this is to reduce the number of test cases and run manually.

There are many reasons for the importance of Automation Testing:

  • When compare to Automation Testing, Manual Testing is time taking and cost affecting while doing all workflows.
  • There is no need for human interactions while doing work with automation testing. You can do the automation testing overnight.
  • We can increase the speed of test execution while doing with Automation Testing.
  • We will not get interested while doing test execution with Manual Testing and also get errors.

Because of the software’s ubiquitous today, it’s important to test it. Selenium is the top tool used for automated testing. Global Online Trainings provides comprehensive training for Automation Testing with Selenium  and also Automation Tools Training by real-time experts.  Enroll for Automation Testing Course and get placed in MNCs as an Automation Tester.


What are the benefits of Automation Testing?

Below are the Automation testing benefits:Benefits-o- Automation-Testing

  • Fast Feedback: Speed is one of the major success factors in many industries. Test automation offers the same. It will take away tough manual software testing attempts in all respective ways.
  • Increase the software quality: We all know that Quality is one of the major things in any software development process. Also, we can say it as the heart of any invention. QA and the Software Development Team’s share responsibility assure the quality. The two should work together with the right coordination. Automation offers the best quality for any invention in the organization.
  • Save Money: When compared to manual testing automation requires less cost. So that you can save money and more prefer to use automation for their process.
  • Execution time will be low: You can decrease the test execution time with Automation testing why because the execution time will be very high while doing it manually.
  • Automation Testing supports various Applications: Automation testing provides the support for different types of applications and testing frameworks and also multiple devices like mobiles, different OS.
  • You can reduce the Repetitive work by using Automation Testing
  • Automation testing cycles take less time and give the hybrid reports at any time

Conclusion of Automation Testing Training:

Automation Testing Course Global Online Trainings specially designed to makes you an expert in software testing technologies such as Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Appium, Maven, Auto IT, Selenium Grid and Docker.  In this Automation Testing Training, you can learn to build a robust testing framework using Page Object Design Pattern and Data-Driven Approach. Global Online Trainings provide certified oriented training for Automation Testing. Our Automation Testing Certification helps you to work in top MNCs across the world. By the end of our Automation Testing Training you will be able to test design techniques and proficient with test management also you will clear all type of interviews.



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