Automation Tools Training

Automation Tools Training

Introduction to Automation Tools Training:

Automation Tools Training means using an automation tool to implement the test case suite. In the manual testing, it is performed by a human session in front of a computer and executing the testing steps suspiciously. In automation tools training, the automation software can also go through test data into the system under test. One of the automation tool is Selenium. It is one of the most well-known testing tool.

Global Online Trainings provides selenium online training. And it is providing classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. If you have any queries please contact Global Online Trainings helpline.

Mode of training:  Backbone Js Online training/backbone Js corporate training/Backbone Js classroom training.

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global online trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global online trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.



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Overview of  Automation Tools Training:

  • The purpose of automation tool training is to decrease the number of test cases to be run manually and not do away with manual testing altogether.  Automated software testing is considered critical for big software development organizations.
  • Global Online Trainings will provide the in-depth knowledge on this training. Along with this Global Online trainings will provide selenium online training. Automation tools training is mostly used in the hardware industry. It is used to test the software development. In the testing, the testing tools are used, like selenium etc.

Automation tools training:Automation tool training infographic

This training is used for testing the software. Automation tools are used to manage the execution of tests and the assessment of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes. Once the automated tests have been industrial, they can run quickly and frequently. Even small patches over the lifespan of the application can cause active description to break which were working at an earlier point in time. Selenium training and QTP training etc. are examples of automation tools training.

Selenium is also a device for web application testing. Selenium tests run in a straight line in the browser just as real users are working. Supported browsers include IE, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Suite, and more. The most important description of this tool includes testing and browser compatibility – testing your request to see if it works well on various browsers and operating systems. Test System Capabilities – generate Recession Tests to verify software functionality and user needs.

Support for mechanical recording actions and automatic production. Test scripts for different languages such as Net, Java, and Perl. Selenium is a recognition test tool written by Thought Works specifically for web applications.

Selenium training is a complete web application testing system that includes test recording (Selenium IDE), writing and running (Selenium Remote Control) and testing parallel processing (Selenium Grid). Selenium’s core Selenium Core is based on JsUnit and is written entirely in JavaScript, so it runs on any browser that supports JavaScript. Like Watir, Selenium is an open source framework that is also released using the Apache License 2.0 protocol.

The controversy over whether or not to do page test automation has been long-standing. The main reason for not doing or doing less is that its cost is too high. One of the costs is the writing and maintenance of automated scripts. And it may not be difficult to borrow Selenium as a tool. Selenium is based on JavaScript and combined with its WebDriver to simulate the user’s real operation. It has good Ajax capabilities and supports multiple browsers (Safari, IE, Firefox, and Chrome) and can run on multiple operating systems.

QTP stands for Quick Test Professional is a well-designed automation testing device from HP. It can automate functionality of the submission by recording the presentation on request, developing scripts. And the QTP test is good for automating test cases. VB script is used by scripting language which is easily understood by the testers. QTP testing supports the set of development environments like mobile apps, SAP etc.

Selenium advantages:

  • Selenium is community-based. It is a free downloaded.
  • Selenium is able to run under multiple browsers.
  • Selenium has its own script language. No limitations in writing. It can work with language bindings.
  • It supports the languages anything the developer requirements as well as c#, Java, PHP, Python, and others.
  • Selenium scripts are formed by recording actions using the web application under test running in a browser.
  • It also supports the web applications that execute part of their functionality.

Selenium disadvantages:

  • There is no support for administration tests in parallel on a single computer.
  • Selenium does not support test and result sharing in anything but in a manual way.
  • Organizing individual scripts in any fashion via a user boundary requires a third-party tool or a custom application.

There are many approaches to test automation. Those are the graphical user interface and API driven testing.

Automation tool Graphical user interface testing:

User interface events are produced by a testing framework. User interface events are keystrokes and mouse clicks, and changes in the consequence of user interface are experiential. A graphical user interface is used to authenticate the observable behavior of the program.

Automation tool API driven testing:          

To authorize the performance of a testing framework, it uses the programming interface to the requests under test. It can also be testing public interface to classes, modules or libraries are tested with a multiplicity of input arguments to authenticate that the results that are returned are correct.

In automated testing the test engineer must have software coding skill, the test code is written in the outward appearance of source code. We can run this coding and production will accord assertions. Automation tools testing has concentrated the effort associated with manual testing. There is manual effort is also important to develop and maintain automated checks.  These manual efforts are used to reviewing test results also.

Automation tools training uses:                                               

  • Avoid human errors.
  • Executed repeated tests/degeneration test cases.
  • Execute the tests with cyclic steps.
  • Test the same characteristic with altered data sets.
  • Test validating the industry process.
  • Test a large number of tests bags in short period.
  • Save effort and cost of testing under all above scenarios.

Importance of automation tools training:

  • Manual testing of all workflows, all fields, and all unconstructive scenarios is time and price overwhelming.
  • It is complicated to test for multilingual sites manually.
  • Automation does not necessitate human interference.
  • It increases the speed of test implementation & test reporting.
  • Manual testing can become uninteresting and hence error-prone.

Automation tools training process:

Automation tools training process followed some steps. Those are,

  • Test tool selection: Test tool selection in the main, depends on the knowledge the submission under test is built on. QTP does not carry Informatica for instance. QTP cannot be used for testing information submissions.
  • Define the scope of application: Scope of automation is the region of your function under test which will be computerized.
  • Planning, design, and development: In this stage of planning, design, and development you can create an automation strategy and plan.
  • Test execution: Automation scripts are executed for the duration of this stage.
  • Maintenance: As original functions are added to the scheme under test with consecutive cycles, automation scripts need to be further, reviewed and maintained for every release rotation. Preservation becomes essential to get better efficiency of automation scripts.

Conclusion of Automation Tools Training:

Automation Tools Training is the demanding course. Global online training will provide best of Automation Tools Training. You can grow your career in this Automation tools. There are many tools to testing the performance of the system behavior. In automation tools, selenium tool is used to implement the test case suite. Join with the global online trainings for this training is very beneficiary to you. Automation tools career is a highly profitable career.


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