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Introduction To Autosys Training Course:

The  automated job control system is for scheduling, monitoring & reporting jobs. The jobs can reside on an Autosys configured machine attached to an network. It is an single action performed on an validated machine.  The Autosys-jobs can be defined using the GUI or JIL. Any single command, executable script or  the NT batch file. It includes the set of qualifying attributes , conditions specifying when & where the autosys-job should be run. The Autosys-jobs  can be defined by assigning it the name & specifying attributes by describing its behavior. Autosys is an product from Platinum, it is the job scheduling software. Autosysis an total job scheduling solution that allows you to define the events, dependencies, time schedules, alerts, etc, making it an complete data center automation_tool. For more information about the Autosys Training course call us on our help desk.

Setup the Internal Security
  • Create EDIT/EXEC Superusers
  • Create Unicenter AutoSys Job Management Users
Define Jobs Using the Job Information Language (JIL)
  • Apply Basic Syntax Rules
  • Creating a simple command job
  • Create a file watcher job
  • Create a dependent job
  • Create a box job with a dependency
  • Specify one-time overrides
Manage Jobs by Using Advanced Job Attributes
  • Define box completion attributes
  • Define termination attributes
  • Define Advanced command job attributes
  • Defining additional job runtime attributes
Manage and Monitor Jobs Using Advanced Commands
  • Execute advanced commands from command prompt
Manage Load Balancing and Queuing Jobs
  • Define a real machine
  • Define a virtual machine
  • Show load balancing by running the jobs
  • Delete virtual and real machines
Troubleshoot Failed Jobs
  • Identify a failed job due to machine name
  • Identify a failed job due to unavailable commands
  • Identify a failed job due to the insufficient permission level
  • Identify a failed job due to invalid commands
  • Identify a failed job due to non-Bourne syntax
Managing Instances & Users With Web Interface
  • Add instances
  • Manage users
  • Map users
  • Customize the Web Interface
Manage Jobs Using Web Interface
  • View a job layout
  • Add to view
  • Create and run jobs
  • View critical path
  • Run job simulation
  • View the output of a job
  • View alarms
Generate Reports Using the Web Interface
  • Generating a job report
  • Create a forecast report
  • Generate a throughput report
  • Generate an alarm report
  • Generate a job statistics report
  • Read AutoSys log report
Set Up External Security Using e Trust Access Control
  • Enable a Trust Access Control
  • Administer e Trust Access Control security policy
  • Control the event processor
  • Disable e Trust Access Control